Look What I Can Do!!!!

Well, this week has been a Ha-youge week for Harper! She got her first tooth (I know, I know, you can’t really see it, but it is there. Look for the tiny white dot. haha)…

Oh my baby is growing up! I was so sad when I found her first tooth! She had been extra clingy the day before, and woke up about 3 times the night before the discovery. I thought I would feel around in her mouth to see if I could discover anything, and sure enough, there was her first little tooth poking through. She continually wants to chew on everything in site. Her favorite is our fingers, the only problem, is her tooth is as sharp as puppy teeth and it hurts! One down, 27 more to go (I think???). Will go google that now…

And she learned to sit up!!!!

I thought we would have a “work on sitting up day” last Thursday. So, I sat her on the floor, held her hands, and slowly worked my fingers out of her tiny little fists to see her sit by herself for 30 seconds! I couldn’t believe it! She was so proud of herself that she fell over. Now, all she wants to do is sit! She is sitting for longer amounts of time daily. She will also be crawling soon! She inches around on the floor now. She can hoist her little hiney in the air, but doesn’t have arm strength yet. Hopefully, we will be out of the apartment before she takes off crawling!

Oh, and one last little family photo to leave you with. We haven’t taken one of these in a little while…

5 thoughts on “Look What I Can Do!!!!

  1. Way to go, Harper! A tooth and sitting up all in one week:)

    Loved the family picture of you all- Hope that I’ll get to see you sooner than later!

  2. What a big girl! Pressley had 2 teeth come in this past week. I was so shocked!! It really is sad that they are growing up soooo quick. Harper looks darling sitting up — we have the same dragonfly toy, I love the sounds it makes!

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