Let the Running Begin!

Well, I’ve started my running routine, and it feels so good to really be exercising again!!! I am going to try to use this blog to keep track of my runs and the progress I’m making!

Tuesday, May 29
Walked 30 minutes at mall
Walked 2 laps around neighborhood with Chris
Ran 60 secs/ Walked 90 secs for 11 minutes (then legs started itching)

Thursday, May 31
Walked 5 minutes, warm – up
Ran 60 secs/Walked 90 secs for 20 minutes
Walked 5 minutes, cool down
20 stair push-ups
25 situps
25 R/L side crunches
30 butt raises – haha (don’t know what to call them)
20 lower abs

Goal: Saturday do the same
Monday begin challenge self more!