Harper 9 Months

Thursday Harper turned 9 months old! She has now officially been in the world longer than she was in my tummy! We celebrated by going to the Doctor, eating a banana without mama smooshing it up, and adding pureed turkey/chicken/beef to her diet. And all I can say is G-A-G!!! But she seemed to like it. Oh, and how could I forget yogurt!!! Oh my, she adores yogurt!!!

The Stats…

Weight : 18.3 lbs (40th percentile)
Height: 28.8 in. (90th percentile)

She also got her 2nd dose of flu shot, and had to get her toe pricked to check her iron. I remember when I was a little girl HATING to go to the doctor because I had to get my finger pricked. I would worry so much. I wonder how Harper will do at the doctor’s office as she gets older. I can already see the change beginning to happen. She used to love the crinkle paper on the examining table. It now freaks her out. Ha ha!

Lately, Harper has been making the greatest faces in the world! They are so funny; however, they are about impossible to capture on film. She will always start smiling. Tonight, I out smarted her, and got one of her faces.

This is the “I want to get out of my high chair NOW” Face (Before and After style)

Before (quick change from the whine she was doing before I got the camera out…)

To this (I out smarted her with my quick camera skills)…

She is so much fun! I love my little growing 9 month old!!!

One thought on “Harper 9 Months

  1. What a great update! I can’t believe that she is 9 months old! And yes, my two starting recognizing that crinkle paper around her age too! We call the “toe prick” more like a “toe squeezing”- Poor things!

    Looks like she is growing up so fast- Love the funny faces:)

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