Happy Birthday Warner!!!

Warner William
9:54 AM 
Birth – 5lbs. 7 oz  
1 year – around 23 – 24 lbs. 
 {after eating your first cupcake}
A year ago right at this time I heard your cry and saw your sweet face.  Dr. Kang held you up and said “Hey Mama.”  Last year on this day my heart was split wide open with the love I had for you.  You cried.  You were the first one I got to meet and spend some time with.  Daddy brought you back to me when I was in the recovery area.  Your eyes were so wide and bright as you studied my face.  I will always treasure that moment in my heart, Warner…meeting you for the very first time.  We thought we were going to name you Crews, but I just didn’t think Crews fit you.  You were the one who held your other brothers in for an amazing 35 weeks!  Well, you and God.. mainly God, but you were the gatekeeper & defender of your brothers.  Did you know that your name means Defender, sweet boy?  I pray that you are a defender of your brothers, your big sister, your mom & dad, your grandparents, but mainly that you would be a defender of God & His Word.  I pray that you would write it on your heart & fall deep in love with the Author of those words.  He will always be your defender, Warner.  Over this last year your little personality has taken off!  You have a soft & gentle laugh, but are quite fiesty when you want something and it doesn’t happen right then and there.  It will be interesting to see if this plays out over time.  You also are my loud one.  All three of you can make quite a ruckus, but you will just be playing and started saying “aaaaaaahhhhhhh”  in the biggest boy voice that you have.  It is quite funny.  i love you, Warner, and can’t wait to see how God molds and shapes you.  

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Warner!!!

  1. What a special way to celebrate their first year…to write each one such individual love letters from their Mommy. The Lord certainly knew you are one amazing lady when he gifted you with identical triplets! Happy 1st Birthday to your boys!

  2. Great, ML! I am now crying like a lil mama! Beautiful words and prayers to to our Lord for these dear boys, your sons!


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