SO, I have blogged 3 days in a row. Much improved. But then, I got distracted by The Office last night, and forgot. Oh well. Picking up from here. Mom flies in tomorrow, and I am so excited! We are going to organize and go shopping over at HG Hills where they have Whole Foods and Anthropologie. I feel very *green* when I go there. We hope to get some yummy & healthy food. As well as some Christmas/Birthday presents.

Tonight we are going to a Costume Party. And I have yet to get a costume. Harper will be a pumpkin. And Chris has a hideous mullet wig. I just don’t love dressing up like I used to. Maybe I will be the original “black-eyed P.” It is cheap & that is why it sounds appealing.

Okay. Harper is clawing at my leg. She is hungry.