First Food

I seriously don’t know where to start, so I am going to work my way through my camera & these are the first memories I captured with it. Well other than a few other shots that are very dark & just bad (but you don’t want to see those)

So, here is the first time we fed the boys rice cereal. You can tell they weren’t fans of it, but now… OH.MY.GOODNESS. I fix them one giant bowl of rice cereal plus two containers of baby food and they eat it all.

Boys are so different than girls, and one way of telling that is how they eat. Harper was nothing like this. It would take her 3-4 meals to finish one container of baby food. She is still a nibbler. Every now and then she will eat a gigantic meal, but usually we have to coax her to eat with some sort of ‘surprise’ at the end of her meal! The other morning she woke up, sat down to eat some eggs picked up her fork, and paused. She looked at me with her bright honey brown eyes and with all sincerity (while nodding her head) asked, “cookie after eggs?” hahaha…guess I will have to work on that. These boys won’t have any trouble eating. I wish there was a way I could start stocking up on food now for when they are teenagers!!! I can only imagine!

haha… Warner (middle) is like.. what is happening? I’m not too sure about this!

We now have their highchairs on the ground. They just took up too much room on the table, so now they sit all lined up (see below). They get so frustrated b/c by the time brother #3 is being fed brother #1 is screaming for more. My pulse races & I sweat when I feed them because it takes lots of concentration! ha ha! I’m getting much better, but they are somewhat demanding little fellas!

Warner not too sure of the taste!

Mav with the majority of it on his bib.

Crews just wondering when it will all be over! haha!

Feeding time with Daddy:

double time!! He’s awesome!

Macky thinks Daddy is soooo funny!!!


hey, give me some of what you got

clean up!

Edited to add: To get these shots from above I climbed up onto our island counter. While I was up there Harper looks at me and says, “Mommy!! Sit Down!!” Hey, at least the lessons on standing up in her highchair are sticking! :-)

Love to all,

2 thoughts on “First Food

  1. Oh my goodness – love the house – the kids have grown so much – you look GREAT and seeing you are back online has absolutely made my day!!! Joanna and I have such fun following the fam on your blog.

  2. I LOVE it! When we were over that day, I wondered if you fed on the ground or where they sat?! Looks like you and Chris are pros now. Love your sweet fam! :)

    Glad you’re back.

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