Dinner with "Friends" (9:100)

So, I mentioned in a previous post about my friend, Tara.  We grew up together & danced our way through high school in the same dance company.  It is awesome that we have remained friends through the years, but recently reconnected due to our marvelous multiples!  She has 2 sets of fraternal twins… known as “Team 1 and Team 2” or “The Nats (Nathan & Natalie) and “The Sams” (Samuel & Samantha).”
Well, over Christmas, they sent out some Christmas cards with a picture of Nathan & Natalie enclosed.  The Nats are almost a year older than Harper.  When I showed Harper the picture, she went everywhere with it!  It cracked me up.  One night I was able to snap a few photos of Harper’s dinner with The Nats.  I’m just now getting around to blogging about it. :-)
while eating
I think she even tried to feed them.
 The classic “watch you eat” as in, can they watch me eat?  Harper has to have something “watching her eat” at every meal.  Kind of creepy (yet endearing) to me, but hey, to each his own.
A little dinner conversation…

Tara, I can’t wait to get our families together this summer!  Oh the craziness!  Love you girl!
~Mary Lindsey

6 thoughts on “Dinner with "Friends" (9:100)

  1. Oh this melted my heart!!!! ML, she is absolutely adorable and I’m so glad that she enjoyed the picture so much!

    I would DEFINIITELY love to get together this summer. And I am with Nancy and Leah, we need all the help we can get, and super aunts are definitely invited!!!

    Love to you all!

  2. absolutely adorable!! I agree with Nancy I would LOVE to be there when both “super moms” and kids get together! That is SO cute that Harper hugs their photo. ADORABLE.

  3. Thanks for your prayers…check out my blog for a miraculous update that came soon after you prayed! Praise God!

    About your post, my son did this with my sister after she moved to TX from our homestate. He would take the picture of her and place it on the table facing him and eat…I took a picture and sent it to her…too cute!

  4. so adorable!! i HAVE to be there when all those multiples get together. leah and i can step in as “super aunts!” also, i like that i spy aunt nanshee and uncle weeeeeul “watching harper eat.” love it!!

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