Daily Schedule

6:30 am – Wake up to one or more boy(s) crying, go try to put in pacies, crawl back in bed and try to gather thoughts to wake up

6:34 am – Realize pacies didn’t work, go grab bottles out of fridge and put in crock pot to heat up. Give medicine(prevacid for reflux) to Crews, maybe to Warner and Maverick (if it is their day to take their meds…we alternate every other day with them). Give them pacies. This usually helps them calm down and hold off eating a few more minutes for their medicine to start working.

6:36am – Get bottles out of crock pot and let cool. Set up feeding station. Go down stairs and start coffee pot.

6:50/7:00 – Change any poopy diapers. Leave ’em be if only wet… they are bound to poop if they haven’t yet! :-) Start feeding. Once done with bottles, burp, clean up throw up…oh, I mean spit up, and play play play. Lots of tummy time, activity mat time, rocking, singing, smiling, and sucking on pacies!

8:15/8:30 – When getting fussy and beginning to yawn, swaddle ’em up & put ’em down. Turn on sound machines, walk around to make sure everyone has paci in mouth, gather up dirty burp clothes & bottles.

8:30 – start laundry, empty clean dishes, load dishwasher with bottles, make breakfast, drink more coffee. Harper wakes up between 8:30 and 9. Feed her breakfast.

10:00 – Same as 7am.

11:30 – Switch laundry, fold & put away, play with Harps.

12:15 ish – lunch with Harper. Sometimes she eats really slow and it will take her about an hour, but at least she can feed herself. She wants me to sit with her though. If I get up she will call after me and say, “Mama, sit!” and point to the chair. Sheesh…

1:00- Nap time for Harps and feeding time for the boys; however, I think that I may start putting Harper down at 2 because she knows we are up and having a grand ol’ time in the nursery so she DOES NOT want to be asleep!

2:15 – boys down for nap. clean up, make bottles, laundry, dinner prep. Naptime for me (usually 30 minutes- hour) or reading/ emails.

3:30- Harpie wakes up, get snack

4:00 – back at feeding babies! Harper will watch a dvd during this feeding. In other feedings she will play with her toys. Most of the time boobie-trapping the nursery with sharp blocks & other objects that you have to watch out for. This is just the tired part of the day and everyone is switching into evening mode… not always pleasantly.

5:30 -dinner ready

6- Dinner time!

6:30 – Harper bathtime. Clean bathroom while she is in tub.

7:00 – Give boys bath every other night.

7:15/7:30 – Feed boys & put down. We feed them with the lights down low and Praise Baby cd Sleepytime Lullabies playing. It is so sweet b/c they are clean and cozy. We cuddle and sing.

8:00/8:15 – boys are night night. Harper goes night night.

8:30 -Clean the kitchen if hasn’t been done at dinner time. Me Time/Relax/shower/check tomorrow’s plans/ 5 minute room pick ups

9:30/10 – in bed & night night!!!

5 thoughts on “Daily Schedule

  1. bless your heart! i hope you have time to shower and breathe somewhere in there… makes me wish we lived closer so i could come babysit while you get coffee and a pedicure! i am so impressed too. your attitude is amazing, and just remember when it gets tough- the sad and wonderful thing about babies is that every stage passes so quickly!

  2. i loved living this schedule last week and reading about it today. your sweet little harpie can’t say mommy & daddy enough… she is ready to be part of that schedule again!!

  3. What a schedule! You have done so well with handling the stresses of multiples, ML!!!! Looks like you have got it down pat. I’m so impressed!!!!!

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