Complaints Because I Need an Outlet

I am feeling sick and yuck and weak. I hate morning, well, night sickness so very much. Today I am 8 weeks 5 days according to my LMP, but I am interested to see how far along I really am on Wednesday.

Sickness, I know you are a good indicator, but please, please go away. I can’t be a good wife or mommy. Going to go eat some jello, take some tums, and head to bed.

Man alive, Harper just woke up…

One thought on “Complaints Because I Need an Outlet

  1. Oh Lindsey,

    I am so sorry that you are feeling sick! Multiple pregnancies mean hormones times 2 (in my case) or 3 (in yours!) Ask your doctor for Zofran. It was the best thing because it alleviated the nausea! In my first trimester with N & N I lost 8 pounds because I lost whatever I ate… out both ends! Not kidding. I’ll pray that the same thing doesn’t happen to you! But you are right- Sickness is a good indicator! Hang in there!!!! Praying for you!

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