Caffiene Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have never been so tired in my life. Harper is sleeping in only about 2 hour stretches at night. (She slept better than this when she was a newborn)!!! I don’t know what her deal is, but I am about exhausted. Okay, I AM exhausted! She is in our room with us due to limited space in a one bedroom apartment, and this really needs to end, except for the fact that she has no where else to go. :-( Today I am grumpy, yet so much needs to be done. I need to take a nap, but I don’t even want to make a peep to go into my bedroom because she is sleeping… and I dread getting woken up by the ear piercing scream she has. It is literally enough to send me from a dead sleep into fighting mode in about .00002 seconds!!! She doesn’t just easily come out of her sleep, she screams herself awake. Well, it feels a little better to get that out. Any mamas out there who wouldn’t mind praying for us – and for our house in GA to sell so that we can fix this little situation of ours – would be so much appreciated!! I need a light at the end of the tunnel, and I don’t see one yet…

Oh yeah… still planning on updating the other blogs… when I can see straight :-)

8 thoughts on “Caffiene Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. ML- I am praying hard for you! I don’t got any good advice, because we are not there yet, but I can pray for your house to sell and that your sweet little girl to get a good night sleep soon! Love you all.

  2. Hey Sweet Girl! I totally understand and the unforch news is that “sleeping through the night” is not a rule! Typically it comes and goes…in your current case, your in a go stage. But don’t worry, it will come back (and then most likely go again). What Harper is learning at this point is how to sooth herself back to sleep when she wakes up. However, perfectly normal events, teething, growing, tummy aches, etc… can throw a kink into those great routines. But learning is a process. Sadly it is very normal and it is probably best to ahead and let yourself morn the loss of sleep and count 8+ hours as a fleeting gift! Also, I personally (NP aside) have found that I have some precious moments loving Hank at 2am…it goes so fast, cherish her while she is tiny! :) You are in my prayers! Press On Towards The Goal!

  3. We are praying for you everyday, especially when Quinn goes to your house knocking on the door and when there is no answer she just has to rock in the rocking chairs instead. We miss you all and give Harper a kiss for Q.

  4. ML- she is probably going through a growing spurt. :( I understand the space constraints thingy. We will be 4 people in a 2 bedroom here in couple months! EEEK! Baby brae will sleep in our room until we’re able to expand! I’ll pray for extra rest… I heard that benedryl works nicely. :) hahaha just kidding!

  5. Oh Mary Lindsey! I’m so sorry- When the baby doesn’t sleep, nobody sleeps! Praying for rest, schedule, and sleep for all of you:) It always takes some time to get back in a routine after traveling…but it will get back to normal soon! I promise! Much love to you and Harper from me and the twins!

  6. Hi friend…I sent you an e-mail today before seeing your blog. I know I am way new at this mommy stuff, but really empathize with you. Will be praying for rest and routine and the house! Silas and I send love to you and Harper…

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