Big Sister

Harper is such a wonderful big sister!!! Everyone always asks how she is handling the change of 3 brothers. She really is doing great and adjusting well. She loves her baby brothers and is always giving them kisses and trying to burp them. We definitely have our moments of meltdowns when I can’t “hold you” right when she wants me to. I love any time I get to spend with her alone, though. Here is a little fun we had outside one day… (her pj’s were my pj’s when I was her age)

My beautiful girl

6 thoughts on “Big Sister

  1. Hey Mary Lindsey! This is Candace Perry from good ol North Metro. I just wanted to say-first off you look GREAT! and second of all your 4 little ones are precious! Our twins are 4 ms today, and Ben and I found ourselves saying this weekend “how in the world do the Blantons do this?!” HaHa. One of those days, but what a blessing. Hope you guys are doing well. To bad you guys weren’t here for this pregnancy. We could have had a great time comparing bellies and that awful awful swelling!!!

  2. Its so important to find time to spend alone with her. It is so hard to do with triplets. That is the BIGGEST challenge in my life trying to find time to spend with my three other kids. Its tough. harper is just a doll. Good for You!

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