Bath Time!

A little video of the boys’ bath time.  
One of the more enjoyable moments.  
I’m singing like a goofball – anything for a laugh!  
I think a funnier video would be one of me acting so ridiculous! :-)
(ain’t gonna happen though)
Bath time started to get much easier/ manageable when we started giving the boys a bath EVERY (well, most every) night per doctor’s orders (for their eczema not because we weren’t bathing them. ha!)  
It used to consist of lots and lots of screaming and tears – 
guess they’ve gotten used to it.  
After bath, while they are still drippy-wet, we slather them in vaseline.  
Then jammy them up.  
Their skin has gotten sooo much better!!!  
Who knew it was that easy hard (X’s 3)?!
MAJOR workout!!

4 thoughts on “Bath Time!

  1. Mary Lindsey~
    I wanted to write you a long email but I can’t find your email and I can’t find you on Facebook so I decided to find the same way you found me on your blog! Anyway, that sweet message you sent me couldn’t have come at a better time! It was so special to me! I miss you too. We only live like 5 hours apart now so we need to make plans to see each other!! Please send me your contact info. My email is jenny then my last name at gmail. Love you girl!

  2. Mary Lindsey they are adorable and their laugh is contagious! I cant imagine the hours of laughter they bring to you….of course without the tears too :)

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