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What a beautiful day this has been… I woke up to the birdies chirping, and drank my coffee while rocking on our back patio. I got a shower, painted my toes red, and put on a cute spring outfit. I love doctor appointment days because I get to dress up. On regular days, I usually don’t even put on make up. :-/ I figure, what’s the point, I’m on the couch or napping and it just gets smeared around.

Anyhooville, Chris was taking a personal retreat day, so he took me to lunch today. Guess what it was… a fancy double cheeseburger from Mickey D’s! Oh it was soooooo good!!!! We arrived 30 minutes early (a first for us) to the doctor. Surprisingly, we didn’t have to wait too long, though. Maybe we should be early more often…:-D.

When they called me back, I felt like it was my birthday because we got an ultrasound, and I didn’t think we were getting one today!!! I was sooooo excited! And, it was with my favorite u/s technician. She has twin girls, and is always so good about “playing” at the end and giving us pictures. Still think it’s all boys… at least 2 are… one was being modest, but from what she could see… she thought there were still boy parts there.

They were flipping all around, and being so funny. At the beginning of the u/s, Baby B was breech (head up), and by the time she got back around to scanning him, he had made his way underneath baby C and was transverse. It’s amazing how much they move around in there. Their movements are still pretty light, but becoming stronger every day. I can’t distinguish who is who yet when they move, but will probably be able to soon. Roseanne, our tech, said she was just so impressed with how healthy our babies looked… PRAISE THE LORD. I was just blown away by how God’s hand is growing them and sustaining them. It is not about me, or anything I deserve. I do not know why he has given these babies to me, but I am so humbly grateful.

We still are not in the “safe” zone by any means… 24 weeks (April 30th) is when the babies will be viable outside of the womb, but it is still not safe for them to be born. I want to keep them in as long as I can, and am praying for my body to stretch and grow and not contract, to give them the best start at life as possible. Please keep praying for us. We know we are being held and strengthened by Jesus.

Our big ultrasound is April 7th. It will last a good long while, and I’m asking for prayers that I don’t pass out or throw up. It is difficult to lay on my back due to the weight of my uterus… it cuts off my blood flow. And, to get a good scan, you have to lay on your back. So, please pray it will be easy, and all the babies will cooperate. Every baby will be scanned in detail – all organs and systems will be checked. Each baby will be measured & given estimates on their weights, too.

Harper has been doing great! She is soooo cute, and is walking (almost running) everywhere. Her hair is constantly in a pom-pom on top of her head, and it is so funny to watch her bobble her way around the room. She learned to say bear and ‘meow’ (she says ‘me-now’) this weekend. I love hearing her little voice. She is a pro at using a little stool to climb up on the couch to sit with me and read books. I can’t believe how quickly she is growing. She is so much fun, and I am delighting in watching her personality develop.

I’ll be back later to update… we have our baby shower this weekend, and I am really excited about it! I already have my outfit picked out :-) – you know… priorities.

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  1. I just clicked on your link to see if you had updated because I refuse to become a “follower” of anyone anywhere in the blog world and so I have links on my favorites on my internet and realized that you said anywhoville and I snickered to myself because I completely missed that the first time and that whole word makes me laugh.

    just thought you should know.

    and I get to see you tomorrow!! and I have a funny dinosaur for Harps.

  2. So glad that things are going good. I have following your story.

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  3. Yay! An update from ML! I am so glad that you are feeling well, and that the babies were all doing great! I loved ultrasound days, especially when you see them doing all sorts of cool stuff! I will definitely be praying for April 7th…and can’t wait to see some pregnancy pictures and survey:) Love ya!

  4. Mary Lindsey,
    I just wanted to introduce myself, I work at the Starbucks where Kyla is a customer (she probably told you about the crazy girl who is a fan or your little lady). I am praying for you guys and I would love to take a shift once the boys come (I’m really not crazy). I hope you continue to feel well!

  5. So happy all is going well with all six of you! You seem to be feeling well now and I bet you are just glowing with excitement. We continue to keep you and the baby boys in our prayers…can’t wait to see more pregnancy pics of that tummy~

  6. I’m so glad it went well! I can’t imagine having 3 little ones in my belly.. my one is already moving around! My next ultrasound is April 7th too! So I will definitely remember to pray for you! Praise God for the blessing of new life and healthy babies!

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