An Even BIGGER Annoucement…

Nancy is NOT pregnant… not with one or two or three babies.  Y’all made me laugh so hard with your few comments, but then Nancy started getting phone calls from her BFF’s and our dad saying “Are you pregnant?!?”  hahaha…so, I needed to clear the air for her… although we did think it was very very funny!

Who knows… maybe we WILL be posting that one day!  Wouldn’t that be crazy?!?  
So, with that said, maybe my BIG annoucement isn’t so BIG after all.  Think on a smaller scale!  :-)  Will spill the beans soon!  :-)
Love & Blooming Flowers (and kleenex for all this pollen),

 (this is Harper “smiling” her forced smile.  Her real smile is waaaay cuter.)

2 thoughts on “An Even BIGGER Annoucement…

  1. you girls are real funny!!! whew! wouldn’t that BE an announcement???? love that little harps…but she looks 3 in this picture!!!!

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