28 Weeks 5 Days

God is so good!!! These boys are doing wonderful! I’ve been really tired this week – so tired that I thought something might be wrong, but it was just the boys sucking the life out of me! hahah! They have grown a ton this week. All the nurses commented on how much bigger I looked! My belly has gotten really tight and looks like it is stretched to the max with lots of new stretch marks. :-) Even though they aren’t very pretty, I’ll take ’em b/c I know it means the boys are doing what they are supposed to be doing!!!

Also, this morning as I was trying to go back to sleep, all three boys were moving all at once. This is the first time that all 3 have gone crazy together. It felt like I had swallowed a bag of snakes. (creepy, but the best image I’ve got) It was the WEIRDEST feeling ever! I wish I hadn’t been so groggy, or otherwise I would have gotten out the video camera to record it. Hopefully, they will all start moving together & I can capture it on film!

Onto the appointment…We went into the ultrasound room and got started. The tech warned me that it might take awhile to get all these measurements. We started with Baby A. She couldn’t see his head completely b/c it was squished against my right hip bone. Right when she was saying that, he turned his head and cooperated so nicely. Everything else was very easily found and measured! We were all surprised! The other 2 boys are both breech w/ their heads together up under my stomach. She measured their head circumference, abdomen circumference (like a belt), humerus (upper arm bone), and femur (thigh) bone to get their estimated weights.

Baby A : 2 lbs. 15 oz. (57% on singleton chart)
Baby B : 2 lbs. 14 oz. (51 % on singleton chart)
Baby C : 2 lbs. 10 oz. (24 % on singleton chart)

All are almost 3 lbs!!! And it only took 30 minutes to get all of their measurements! She said they all looked like they had long legs and arms! Oh, and don’t be alarmed by Baby C’s weight/ percentile… that is actually more of the normal range for triplets, the other two are big boys! Oh and, while I’m thinking of it, she said she thinks B & C are identical b/c they look so much alike w/ their measurements. It would also make sense if B & C are identical w/ their weight difference b/c usually with id twins, since they have to share nutrients from the placenta, one takes a little more while the other takes a little less.

As I was laying there, I was reminded at how encouraging it is to go every week and see my boys. It really gives me the boost mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually that I need to make it another week. This is the only time in their lives that we are privileged to see what their insides are doing, and how they are working. Each heart was perfectly formed with 4 chambers. I saw their stomachs, their bladders, one babies’ ear, and I kept thinking to myself, God formed that with His own hands!!! We are watching a miracle!!!

We went to see the nurse practitioner next. Both of my NPs, Cindy and Tracie, came in and did their happy dance for me! I loved it! Even though I know the longer i can carry these boys, the better, they said anything over 28 weeks is icing on the cake! Yay! My body is also holding up fine – not dilating and not contracting any more than my norm. All my other vital signs came back normal, too! Praise the Lord!

As I walked out of there, I literally felt that Chris and I were being carried in God’s hands. He provides so much more than we can ask or imagine. As soon as I can get my hands on a scanner, I have a super cool post to share with y’all on the power of prayer. I can’t wait to share how BIG our God is!!!

Keep on praying for us, please. God’s goodness and your prayers are carrying us through – especially on the hard days.

Love you all so much –
Mary Lindsey

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  1. I am thinking you will be 30 weeks tomorrow… praying for your strength and sanity! Sarah H.

  2. Dear Mary Lindsey,
    I know you don’t know me, but I have been praying for you and your sweet family. My husband and I have known your Dad for along time. He called us the day you called them to say you were having triplets. You and I have a common bond. We had triplet boys 20 months after our oldest son and we added a baby girl 26 months after our triplets. Our boys are a set of identicals and a faternal. My baby boys are just a little older than yours, they will be 27, in August. Your pictures and story have been amazing to watch as they have brought back so many memories. We are fellow believers too and like you we realize God brought us through every step of the way. I had a great pregancy with the boys. I was blessed to carry them 37 weeks. After being told to prepare ourselves for very tiny premie babies, and a long hospital stay. We were delightfully surprised with three big boys who were totally healthy. Adam weighed 6 lbs. 8ozs, Bart weighed 6 lbs. 3 ozs. and Lee weighed 5 lbs. 10 ozs.
    God is good.

    The first time I saw your blogspot was Mother’s Day. I had spent the day surrounded by three incredible young men, a beautiful daughter their spouses and our beautiful grandchildren. When I saw your sight I realized how fast life goes, and how incredible blessed I am.
    Mary Lindsey God has called you and Chris to amazing task. You are training up warriors for the kingdom. He has something special ahead for your family. Serve Him with all of your heart and mind and soul.
    All my love,
    from a fellow triplet mama

  3. Mary Lindsey,
    Just wanted you to know I am praying for you! You look beautiful. I know you are are so thankful for your Mom and her willingness to be with you. Please tell her “hello” from me and that I miss seeing her in choir!

    love & prayers,
    Wendy Lassiter

  4. it’s my first time here. saw your site from amy in FB. wow, triplets. that’s amazing. and look at you! you haven’t really grown big except your tummy of course like others would have carrying three. you look gorgeous still. God is good. congratulations!

  5. Mary Lindsey, I am so excited for you, Chris, Harper and the babies! I have been praying for you. glad to know all is WELL!!!
    Sarah H.

  6. We are so excited and in constant prayer for you, Mary Lindsey! I had the honor of hanging out with your brother and his sweet family the other day in Jacksonville. He kept saying how huge you were. It was the cutest thing ever. He loves you so much. Grow babies!!! We love you girl!!!

  7. That is awesome that you’re 28 weeks and 5 days and still doing well! Here’s praying for 32 weeks! Also really great news that all 3 are almost 3 lbs each! Seems big for triplets…so that’s great! You must be exhausted growing all those babies! Look great though! Hang in there, and I’ll be praying that you make it to 32 weeks and then some!
    Lindsley (kathy Lambert’s daughter)

  8. Glad that everything is going well. Wow, what a belly (your back must be killing you)! And the rest of you looks stunning. God bless!

  9. I’m loving keeping up with your posts. How thrilling this time must be and full of anxiety at the same time. I know you’re in many prayers and can’t wait to see pics once they’re all here in person…assuming you find a little time to put up those pictures!

  10. you are so super cute and i’m so proud of mama and her boys!!! it’s amazing to know and see that the Lord is caring for “the triplets,” but it is so evident how they are being formed as individuals. God is growing each of them, and has such a high calling on your life. I love you minks… you can do it!!!

  11. God is performing miracles!!!! What a praise that all the measurements were found (I for one know how difficult that can be with multiples:) and that they are doing so well! I can’t believe that they are ” 50%/average” on the singleton chart! That’s amazing!!!! You look fantastic, girl! Love you bunches and praying for you often!

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