24 weeks – 6 months!!!!!!

I can’t believe I’ve already made it to 6 months! Harper Grace is flipping all around right now as I write this. I actually got to SEE her move on Saturday as she kicked or poked my right side – how cool!!!

I can’t wait until Thanksgiving to see my family so that they can feel her and see her move, too!

Here is a little progression of belly shots – ranging from 2 days to 24 weeks. Lets see if I can do this….
2 days after postive pregnancy test (approximately 5 weeks)
10 weeks
16 weeks
22 weeks
23 weeks – my view
24 weeks

I’ve been feeling great, and am enjoying being pregnant. I can’t wait to see her and hold her! Chris talks to her every night, and she is starting to respond to his voice. Last night we tried to put a flashlight up to my stomach to see if she would respond to light; however after only holding it there for 2 seconds, I was afraid we were going to blind her, so I decided we would wait a few more weeks before we tried that one again. :-)

Hope everyone is doing well! Miss you and love you all!

One thought on “24 weeks – 6 months!!!!!!

  1. i love reading your updates! i wish i had time to sit and drink coffee and update a blog…

    man i want to see you! and little harper! 1 1/2 weeks till thanksgiving and i can’t wait!!!

    love u,

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