18 Week Update…

I can’t believe it has been almost a month since I’ve updated… Here is a little bit different twist on the survey. A little fun…

1. How far along are you? 18weeks!!

2. Team Blue, Pink or Green? Right now green, two weeks from today hopefully pink or blue :)

3. How much weight have you gained? 9 lbs! Not too bad at this point!

4. How many inches has your waist line increased? 4 inches

5. Exercise? Whats that?? Mainly just walking

6. Linea Nigra (dark line) on tummy? Nope

7. Belly button- innie, outtie, or flattie? Still innie, but it is much more shallow!

8. Stretch Marks? Nothing so far (and hopefully nothing at all!)

9. Any swelling (rings still on)? Some swelling because it has been so hot here! I can wear my wedding band, but I can’t wear my engagement ring.

10. ? too personal…

11. Biggest pregnancy complaint/discomfort? gagging still! and heartburn. I didn’t realize how normal my digestive tract used to be!

12. Future Baby Shower plans? A few are being talked about… maybe one at home in November…. the others in January.

13. Pregnancy Extras Planned (3/4D U/S, Pregnancy Photos, Belly Cast, etc)? We hope to get a 3/4D u/s in December. I want my sister to take some pregnancy photos.

14. Approximately how many fetal movements do you feel per day? well, I’ve just started to feel them, but only a couple of times a day.

15. Glucose Test completed? Results? Havent done this test.

16. Planning on have a drug-free birth or pain med assistance? Bring on the DRUGS!!!!!!!!!

17. ? too personal…

18. Favorite Baby Find? The only thing we have bought so far is a cute little onesie set from the GAP. We are waiting until we find out if its a boy or girl before we start buying anything.

19. What is the first thing you are going to eat/drink after baby is born? Hmmmmm… it will just be nice to eat with out thinking if its going to harm the baby or not.

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  1. Lindsey! I love reading your little survey updates and am so glad that you are doing so well! We really aren’t that far away, so I need to come visit and catch up! Our blog is: leahandkyleg.blogspot.com ! Talk to you soon!

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