Whole 30: On the Road


AMAZING farm fresh omelette with fruit and salad, my trusty coconut milk, and a bunless grassfed burger with all the fixin’s and a side of mustard. :-)

On Day 24, I went on a trip to the Influence Conference.  Here are the snacks I packed:

  • apples
  • cashews
  • Lara Bars
  • dried fruit
  • sweet potato chips (these are not approved b/c they aren’t cooked in coconut oil, but I figured they would be a better choice than regular potato chips.  I also wanted to be realistic if there was a lot of junk food around.)
  • guacamole cups
  • coconut milk for my coffee

With all of these snacks, I was totally fine.  I didn’t cheat, and I stayed focus.  The most difficult part was salad dressings.  I did end up eating a salad that was tossed in some sort of white balsamic dressing, but, oh well. I kept on going.  Also worth mentioning, I couldn’t finish the salad because of the dressing.  The taste was so strong.  I didn’t realize how much my taste has changed.

Any other time, I chose the best Whole 30 choice I could.  I knew not all the food would be cooked in approved oil/ghee. But, my main goal wasn’t perfection, but keeping with the overarching goal of whole and real foods.