We’ve arrived!

Well, after leaving a day late, we made it to Brentwood this morning at 11:45! Chris unpacked so fast, and I did my best to help – carrying light loads up and down stairs until I felt like I was getting too tired. I then tried to unpack some… our apartment looks much better at this point, but it still needs lots of work. I will try to post pics as soon as I can.

The Taylors came over to welcome us to Tennessee and then took us to dinner. They also gave us a house warming gift… a Christmas tree and ornaments!!!! It is adorable! We all came back to the apartment and decorated it. After they left, Chris and I tried to do a little bit more organizing, but he has now collapsed on the bed and is asleep. I decided to give up on doing anything else b/c my back was starting to hurt. So I’m plopped on the couch watching House and updating this. I will update much more tomorrow when I have more time and am able to focus more.

I can’t wait b/c tomorrow we are going to explore around the area, go on a Target run, unpack a little more, and watch Elf! I love Christmas time!

2 thoughts on “We’ve arrived!

  1. minks!!! i am so impatient to see those pictures! and what a sweet housewarming gift… i am so glad the taylors are there with you!!

    post those pictures asap!
    love love love u


  2. Mary Lindsey,

    You moved?!? I am excited for you, but somehow I missed this big part of your blog… I had no idea! And I just sent your Christmas card out yesterday to your old address! Oh no- Write back when you can and let me know your new info and what you all are up to in TN!!!


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