We’re Baaaaaaaack!

My, it has been FOREVER since I’ve posted anything (due to no internet for about a month)! Here’s what’s been goin’ on with us…

* We are moved into our new townhome and loving it! It is so cozy, and we’ve settled in quickly due to wonderful help from friends and family. Just a few more boxes to unpack. I’m determined to unpack ALL of them! I will post pictures later on in the week of our progress.

* Harper is growing so fast! She is almost crawling. She inches around like an inchworm going up and down from her knees and hands to her tummy. It’s real cute. She hasn’t quite figured out that she can crawl (which I don’t mind!) :-) We are getting great sleep at night now that she is in her own room! She now says DaDa and MaMa. It’s so cute. She doesn’t do it consistently, but I think she knows that I’m Mama because if I leave the room she will call my name… mom mom mom mom – it’s just adorable. She said Dada first, but then once she learned my name, she really hasn’t said DaDa again. Poor Chris thinks it’s rejection, but I assure him it’s not. I’m just the one with the food – hahaha!!

*We just got back from our Metro Associates Conference (MAC) last week and had a wonderful time visiting with friends from other churches and Nancy and Will (they kept Harper) – if you haven’t seen Nancy’s facebook pictures of the weekend, go look at them because they are HILARIOUS! :-) Nancy’s AlbumWe were so encouraged at this conference (for student ministers). It was a great time to be around people who are on the same path of life that we are. We had great teaching and quality time! Oh, and we also went rafting – this is an entire post on it’s own. Just think… Mary Lindsey gets stuck in a raft all by herself on the biggest waterfall – at the top – ALONE. Over all it was a great time! (and I didn’t die)

*And, for your viewing pleasure…. this little video of Harper cracking up. (Ignore what I am doing. You will do anything stupid to make your child laugh)

6 thoughts on “We’re Baaaaaaaack!

  1. Hailey wants to watch this OVER and OVER and OVER…”That one again, Mommy!!!”…And she is making the same crazy noises at her baby sister to try and make her laugh, but Keelyn just thinks she’s crazy. Adorable.

  2. So glad that you are baaacckk!!! We’ve missed you in blogland! Thanks for the update- Praise the Lord that you are moved in, that you had a great time at the MAC conference, and that Harper had such a good time with her Aunt Nancy! What a sweet family you have!

  3. hahahah Sissy this is hilarious!
    Me and mom watched it and started laughing.
    This is too cute!
    Love yall, and miss you :]]

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