Welcome Back to Me!

Hey There!

We are just now surfacing after a month of sickness in our house.  Stomach virus for 2 weeks, colds, strep throat, high fevers, pink eye.  I didn’t want to blog for fear you would catch it.   But I am back!

{wrote this Sunday afternoon, computer died and I lost all the pics I uploaded.  Was going to re-load pics and post yesterday, but then Crews threw up.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!  Thankfully, after a rough morning, lots of prayers and popsicles…he is fine. So is everyone else.}

Quick catch up…
The month of January was filled with lots of fun snow days.  However, we only took the kids out once, maybe twice.  I felt like such a snow-scrooge, but dressing 4 little ones in multiple layers was so difficult. The first one dressed would be roasting by the time the 3rd one was almost done.  Once we finally made it outside, everyone was happy for about 3 minutes, then a glove would fall off.   Or someone would face plant into the snow.  It was the equivalent of about 18 workout in 30 minutes. Thankfully, Chris and I laughed about it until we brought them inside and the volume from their crying shrieking was so loud we thought the windows would break.  We then declared it was naptime.  Here are some pics from our fun.


Maverick not having any of it.

Warner enjoying the snow!

Maverick decided to taste the bird feeder Harper made. 

The way Chris and I felt. HA!

I don’t remember February at all.  Proof to myself this is WHY I BLOG!  Oh, I do remember that Harper turned 3.  Yay!  We had a ‘Pink Party.’  Pink Lemonade, pink cupcakes that everyone decorated, pink balloons, pink nail polish, oh and per request of the birthday girl… everyone had to wear pink!  It was lots of fun. No pics for the blog right now (Aunt Nancy couldn’t make it, so it was just me and the camera.  Needless to say, I took about 4 pics.  So sad.  I was incredibly overwhelmed by the way the boys FREAKED OUT when everyone came to our house.  Crews threw up he was so upset.  Warner wouldn’t eat because he was crying so hard.  And Maverick, well, he just loved everyone).  Just envision lots of pink and a happy little Harper girlie!  Note to self: Aunt Nancy CANNOT miss next year!  We will plan the party around her schedule.  :-)

March….Month of sickness.  You do not want details. 

Back to April…
Beautiful month of spring!

Chris and I circa 2003 – a year before we were married. Oh my hair!

Chris and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary this past Friday (real Anni was on Sunday) by eating at Cracker Barrel – where our first date took place at Liberty.  We then went to the mall to do some shopping, but the power went out – at the mall!!- due to all the bad storms.  So, we went to Sweet CeCe’s (yummy yogurt with any topping!  We shared birthday cake yogurt with fresh strawberries and reese’s cups.)  Deep thanks to the Strothers for taking on our gang!!  We try to trade up babysitting with them every month – it’s only worked out twice. ha!  They have 4 kids and we have 4 kids, so it works out great!

We went to church today (Sunday), and I forgot how much energy it takes to get 4 kids ready to go to church by myself (since Chris has to go in early.)  Sheesh.  3 1/2 hours to be exact.  And that was with no breaks.  But we made it AND I was on time.  The favor of the Lord  must have been upon me.

Going to work on loading up some pics tonight to have some grand blogging material!

It’s good to be back~

6 thoughts on “Welcome Back to Me!

  1. So glad to see you back!!!

    I just had to chuckle, chuckle, chuckle when I read about taking the boys out in the snow. SO TRUE! The twins went out *once*. Basically, the twins plus Anna who is still high maintainance was *too much*! We got about three picture of the twins sitting in the snow and we brought them in… all to say that they had been in the snow this year, lol! Somehow it made us feel like we weren’t such horrible parents for depriving them of snow, lol.

    We kept the twins home from church the weekend before Easter in hopes that everyone would be healthy for Easter. Not so. Three of four fell sick anyway. Oh well. We are hoping the sick bugs are all dying now that it is in the 80s!!! Hoping you can all enjoy some good health for a while!

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. I second Nancy’s comment! Seeing a post from you MADE MY DAY! I just love you, friend!!!

    So sorry that you guys have been so sick. That’s one thing I’ve learned about multiples- they share everything and it takes forever to get rid of stuff once you have it!!! Glad that you seem to be on the mend.

    And I just laughed about the snow. You are telling the truth, girl! It is just NOT WORTH IT sometimes!!!

    Please share the pink party pictures that you did take. What a cute idea.

    Love you girl! See you this summer!!!!

  3. Oh ML, I can’t imagine how these past few months have been for you all. Thankful that you all are healthy now, that you had a wonderful party for Harper, and that you are back up and running with the blog.

  4. aunt nancy to the rescue! I cannot miss it next year. also – you’ve been married for 7 years. wowza!

    so GLAD you’re back in the blogging world! I check it every day, so I was super happy to find this nice surprise today!

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