Weigh-In Wednesdays

The weight loss is ON!!!!!!! Baby weight, you may leave now.

So, I have seen a ton of signs advertising Jazzercise around our area. I have heard of it, but thought it was a fad in the 80’s with Jane Fonda leotards and big hair. I *secretly* wanted to try it, but I was not brave enough to attempt such things by myself. So, I decided that I would just stick to what I knew… the YMCA. (However, for the YMCA to work for you, you must actually GO.)

I received a fun little piece of mail the other day that was advertising Jazzercise. It said it was looking for 25 women in our area that needed to lose 15-100 lbs. Oooo me, pick me! So, I called the number, thinking it was going to be a scam. But, then I got to meet a very nice lady who told me all about the Forever Fit program they were starting. After meeting with her and talking to Chris, I decided it was time to join. Plus, here are my incentives…

* 12 week program
* Measured before and after the program
* Given nutrition classes
* Personal training classes
* Can attend any (and every – ha!) class offered at this location
* If successful, I will be used for a Jazzercise testimonial!

(all of this a $250 value for FREE! I just have to pay the regular monthly fee that other members have to pay. Not bad at all! Oh and childcare is only a $1 per session)

I have been loving my classes. I go Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Every 4 weeks, I will add another class. So, by the end of it I will be going 5 times a week – yikes! But, it really is so much fun, AND its only a mile from where we live.

So…..Wednesdays are going to be my weigh-in days…

THIS WEEK: -4 lbs!

2 thoughts on “Weigh-In Wednesdays

  1. GIRL! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! Go get that weight off… so… shhhhh but we’ve had a YMCA membership since Jan. and the only time I’ve gone is when our water pump went out at the house and I had to shower somewhere. LOL! there goes $58.00 down the drain… :-/

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