Weigh-In Wednesdays & Harper Report

Weigh-In Wednesday…

2 more pounds lost!!!!

Grand Total : 6 pounds

Slowly but surely they are trickling away :-)

Harper at 8 3/4 Months

PLEASE SLOW DOWN!!!!!! I am worn out because this child is one little busy body (and I know she is only going to get busier!) She went from crawling one day, to pulling up the next (literally), and is now learning to move herself along furniture. Also, she has gotten really fast at crawling! It is so amazing to watch her change and develop at such a quick pace. She is talking all the time. And loves us to pieces.

Some of my favorite things she does…
– When she says Mama
– When she cuddles with me on the couch in the morning after she has had breakfast
– When I am doing housework, she usually plays in whatever room I’m in. I love it when she stops playing, looks up at me and just grins.
– She loves being with me in the kitchen when I’m doing dishes. I love feeling her tiny hands on the back of my legs as she tries to pull herself up.
– How she squeals and kicks with delight in the bathtub. I think she could stay in there for hours if I let her.
– Watching her crawl… she prances, it’s hilarious
– When I get really close to her face, she will put her forehead against mine and whisper or do really high pitched squeaks. It melts my heart.
– When she’s had a good night sleep, and she wakes up happy.
– Taking her to the grocery store… she loves it. She especially loves the milk/dairy section. I think the coldness gives her a thrill. She just kicks her feet and squeals with delight!

Some 8-9 month old challenges…
– getting more teeth in… this time her top two teeth are coming in with a vengeance, together! Her poor nose is sooooo runny. I can’t wait for them to break through!
– She started waking up again once a night. I think she is going through a growth spurt. We get to start proteins next week. I think this will help her push through.
– Naptime rebellion. She will go down for a nap, but then will wake up 20 or 40 minutes into it. (She usually takes 1 – 1 1/2 hour naps – one in the am, one in pm)
– Due to naptime rebellion, she becomes super fussy and clingy to me… nothing gets done around the house.

Harper is such a delight, though! So many people compliment me on what a good baby she is. She loves people, and is very happy (most of the time.) I am thankful to be her mama – even on the hard days.

Next week she will be 9 months. Time is FLYYYYYING!!!

Here is her *usual* schedule
8 – wake up
8:30 – Breakfast/Bottle
9:45- Rice or Oatmeal Cereal & Fruit
10:30/11 – Naptime
12:30- Bottle
1:45 – Fruit & Veggie & Finger food
2:!5- Playtime
3:15 – Naptime
4:30 – Bottle
6:00 – Family Dinner
6:45 – Playtime wtih Daddy
7:30 – Bathtime
8:00 – Story time/ Bottle
8:30 – Night Night Harpie

(Weather Report – because I love the weather… I inherited this love from my mother – As I sit here typing, my front door is open to a beautiful and sunny fall day. There is a pretty strong wind, and all the COLORFUL fall leaves are swirling all about and hitting up again the storm door. I love fall! Hope we can go for a walk today.)

3 thoughts on “Weigh-In Wednesdays & Harper Report

  1. gaaaah i have to see this kid soon! i miss her!
    can you believe she’s been here for as long as you were preggers? tha’s crathy.

  2. Mary Lindsey! Ian and Harper sound like they are growing just alike! He’d doing all those thing, and your schedule is almost identical to ours. It’s so much fun to watch them learn new things, and get those adorable personalities!

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