We Are Alive and Kickin’

Just wanted to report in that all is well!!! Wonderful, in fact!!! These little men are melting my heart EVERY SINGLE SECOND of the day! I can’t believe I haven’t blogged in such a long time. My days are filled with feeding, burping, changing, singing, coloring, and watching The Wiggles. Any free time I have I usually spend sleeping – which is what I would be doing right now, but I drank a HUGE cup of coffee this morning. ha!

So, since I haven’t blogged in forever, here are a few pictures…

Do you know who is who??? (…more on that later!)
Warner – looking a little worried
Maverick (or ‘Macky’ as Harper has named him)
Me and My Kiddos… Harper is making the face she makes to imitate the boys crying. She started doing it the day the boys came home from the hospital. Anytime one of them cries, she looks at us with this worried little expression on her face (like she has here), and says, “Aah- Waaaaaahhhhh” It’s so funny!

The Blanton Six!!!
A tired Dadda
Hello Macky!
Warner’s got his running shoes on!
Warner and Crews
My Three Sons – Crews, Maverick, and Warner
Feeding Time at the Zoo

Harper and Dadda watching The Wiggles. This is how Harper is entertained at one of their feedings – usually the 4 o’clock one :-)

My Cup Overflows!!!
Fresh and Clean Babies

8 thoughts on “We Are Alive and Kickin’

  1. What a precious family you have! In the first photo of him, Maverick looks like his face is a little thinner but in others not so much. Hmm. That would be amazing if all three were identical!

  2. So glad you are back, we’ve missed you!! I love the family of 6 photo… I just can’t wrap my head around how many kiddos you have now!! You look great and I’m so glad everything is going so well. God is good!!

  3. You look great and those cuties all 4 are growing bigger each day. These guys will be one before you know it.

  4. I think at this point I was stressed out of my mind with one! Three plus a toddler…you are an inspiration! How is Harper doing with the feedings? For example, I see she was up at the 4am feeding you said. Is she having trouble sleeping with all the waking for not just one new baby but 3!?

  5. So glad to see a post from you! I think about you all the time, and sure wish that I was closer to love on those babies with you! They are just beyond precious ML! Praise the Lord that all is good. Looks like they are growing and you are getting skinnier too! Love you girl!

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