Updates in Pictures…

Lets see… where did I leave off…

I actually left off about how terrible my Monday was, but I have chosen not to talk about that. I think a couple of initials will sum it up… DMV… does any one have a pleasant time there?

So, Chris’ b-day is 5 days after mine (*technically* 360 days *before* mine) but anyway… He really likes to keep his birthday low key. But, I come from a family that does birthdays “high” key (hahaha) So, I wanted to respect his wishes, and not make too big a deal out of it. I made him an ice cream cake! It was yum! We sang to him here (well, I did) and…

Then, this was the birthday boy’s breakfast. The YUMMIEST GOOIEST ICING on a cinnamon roll, some bacon & eggs… and we sang to him again!!! (and then all the members in my family proceeded to call him and sing to him. hahahahahaha I love it! And he secretly does too)

Oh, do you remember me telling you about the TJMaxx Plates I bought? Well here they are…

And I have hung them over our bed. Here are some before pictures with our new bedding from mom (thank you!)

(anyone have any ideas of what I can do to cover up the closet? I was thinking curtains, but what color? The same as the ones hanging? What about something bamboo-ish?)

OKAY>>> DRUMROLL… Harper Pictures…. (hahaha)

Can we say good self esteem?

Mama’s little helper!!


Dressin’ up already

She LOVES computers!!!!

I can’t stand it… too cute

Every southern girl *must* have her initials somewhere!!!

First Pumpkin…



Daddy is so much fun!

Look at that face…

And the classic Scrunchie face!

And just for NANCY… Here goes Harper… standing up on her own… (turn your head to the side to watch- haha)

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  1. hahaha YESSS! i am such a proud aunt! i love how she fans her hand between every attempt to stand up lol!!

    and i love your place! i can’t wait to see it in person… it is sew cewzy!

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