Update : Dinner Edition

Hey there!  Boy, I have been awful at blogging lately.  I’m hoping to have some time tomorrow while everyone is a preschool (pray they all stay healthy tonight! :-))  to get caught up on the blog. 

Last night I tweeted about our crazy dinner.  Chris had to be at church until 7pm, so I knew I had dinner on my own.  With each passing week of this pregnancy, any normal activity can quickly turn into what looks like a mountain of a task.  I’m so thankful that everything with this baby is healthy and I’m not on bedrest, but sometimes all I can think about is getting in bed.  Last night was one of those nights.  The kids rejected the dinner I served them – Maverick let me know by throwing a handful of it across the room.  Teaching & disciplining when you are tired is very hard, too.  I decided to retreat from the battle and tweet about it instead.

Warner ate some (yay!) but then started lining his potatoes up like little soldiers. 

Crews started throwing a fit when I put the plate in front of him (he’s the pickiest), but I’m also trying to work with him to know he doesn’t get a special order. – if he got one, they would all want one  (So far, we’ve conquered apples & grapes – they used to go flying across the room, but now, he eats them – yay!  So, I know there is hope…it’s just a tough battle sometimes.)  And then Maverick, well, you know what M did – oh, he also scootched his chair as far away as he could from the table.  Yes, that would be Crews throwing his fit on the floor below. 

 Harper, ate a teensy bit, but then decided to sing us a Veggie Tales song while Crews was throwing his fit (sooo loud in our house at times!).  Well, she got the words all mixed up and then got so very tickled at herself that she didn’t want to eat anymore. 

By the time Chris had gotten home, I had taken everyone out of their highchairs (I didn’t even try to get them to eat anything), and they were running circles around our living room. I was filing my nails.  Yes, I had lost all control & I chose to retreat.  I was exhausted and weepy.

We fed them sunbutter & bread and then had a fun evening of laughing at our gang.  Warner was just walking around talking to himself. He loves giving kisses, so he crawled up in Chris’ lap and kissed him over and over again.  Too cute & funny!

By the time we had gotten everyone in jammies & upstairs, we had noticed Mav carrying something. I thought it was a rock, but once Chris had pried his little chubby hand opened, we discovered it was a nice and sweaty lima bean!  We could not stop laughing. 

We have our crazy times when I think the house might fall down, but then they are usually followed by the sweetest times – laughter, kisses, hugs, & toddler sweetness. 

And like I said, pregnancy only exaggerates the craziness even more!  I know I’m in my final month when I get to the weepy stage.  The other day I just cried because I felt like – no other reason.  Come on baby! 

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  1. Oh my goodness Mary Lindsey! Thank goodness God has given you the bunch of beautiful children he has! You are a great Mommy, even in dinnertime chaos!

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