4 thoughts on “Two Times In Our Day

  1. ML, I know you are no longer on facebook and I haven’t been able to find your blog until now. I’m so glad to reconnect with you and your precious kiddos. I can not get over how big the boys and your precious Harper are. Time goes by way too fast!

  2. Mary Lindsey! I haven’t seen you in about 5 years, but for some reason, you popped into my head. I looked you up on Facebook, but couldn’t find you so I googled your name & found your blog. Wow, do you have your hands full! I just spent the last hour or so reading about your troubles getting pregnant. I had no idea. I think I got pregnant during that time. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings when I called and told you. I never heard from you again. I hope that wasn’t the reason! Your kids are so adorable. I watched the video of the triplets in the tub. We sing that song to our kids, but I LOVE the funny way you were singing it! I know you are a great mom! Congrats on your beautiful family!

    Cheryl Elder

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