Turbo Nesting & Harper the Photographer

Well, I had all intentions of blogging today, and while I guess this technically IS a blog post, it’s not what I had intended to write.  I have mucho to update on the boys & Harps – from 1st day of preschool, to new haircuts, to dentist visits, etc, etc.   But, once everyone left the house, my turbo nesting need kicked into high gear and I cleaned the kitchen, did laundry, hung Christmas lights in Harper’s room, ordered some stuff online, cleaned out the laundry room, organized all the kids’ DVDs and organized my sewing area.   And this is only just a tiny bit of what I’ve been doing.  It’s ridiculous. I’ve gone through every room in the house over the past month or so and cleaned it out/ organized it: under counters, in drawers, all the kids clothes, all of our clohes, the medicine cabinet, the entertainment center, the coat closet, Haven’s clothes, and on and on.  We had a yard sale last weekend to get rid of the junk I found.

Nesting this time around has been nesting on steroids.  I do not know if its because I am making up for the lost time that I needed to be off my feet when I was pregnant with the boys (so I couldn’t nest), or if its because I know this is the last time I will experience the beauty of nesting.  Or if it’s because we could easily be HOLDING a baby in our arms in less 3 weeks!  ( I will be full term in 3 weeks – not saying she’s going to come out then, but it is a very realy possibility – Harps was born at 37 weeks/4 days)  So, when I have a chance to work without being interrupted, I turbo charge through it.  Then, I totally pay for it in the afternoon/evening.  I had so many braxton hicks contractions this afternoon & evening.   Not good.  But, when I’m nesting I.CANT.STOP.  I’m making it a point to take it easy tomorrow with the boys and put my feet up in the BED on Thursday when everyone is at preschool.  My Mama will be back in town next week, and I can nest more then (with more frequent rest times added in)!

Dinner has been awesome the last two nights.  Thankful it isn’t that crazy every.single.night.  Everyone has eaten great & all/most of their dinner!  Oh and tonight I didn’t have to cook because we had Chick-fil-a!  Everyone was happy!!!
And just because I think they are funny, here are some pics Harper has taken with my camera.  The next Nancy Ray???   Whatcha think? :-)

Kind of artistic/ dramatic

Nice angle

She had lots of pictures of the potty. Personally, not my fave.

Me & Baby Haven

Love it!

The trash – hope there’s nothing embarrassing in there. Lol

Artsy pic of Baby Carol (Harper’s main lovey doll)

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