Today {38}

I am in a blogging slump.  I put off blogging until night time & then, I don’t want to blog, I just want to go to bed; however,  I have to remember my purpose of blogging for 100 days…to capture this time of my life.   I can’t find my camera cord, so I think that is also adding to the bloggers block.  I will try to press on, though.  
Let’s see, today was a fun day with the Fam.  I got up early this morning to go hunt down strawberries at the Farmer’s Market, but they were all sold out.  However, I did find some great things : beets, squash, beans, carrots, & broccoli.  I also got some fresh butter & milk.  I went by myself, so that was a very nice way to start out the day!  
I came home just as babies were going down for their first nap.  During naps, Chris and I planned out our garden we will eventually plant while Harper played outside.   Then we set up a tent in our backyard.  We had planned to put the boys in the tent while we worked on building our veggie beds, but then the day got away from us & we didn’t have time to begin our garden….maybe on Monday.  We did have a grand ol’ time playing in the tent though.  Harper was so excited about our new “liddle house.”  
After lunch, we took everyone outside.  Chris cleaned the garage while I played in the tent with the kids. It was incredibly hot, so once everyone was nice ‘n sweaty, we came in for a cool drink & bottles.  Playing outside is THE trick to having babies take good naps!!  Everyone slept for 2 1/2 hours!  I was able to take a cat nap, read and plan & make goals for myself. (more on that later)
Once everyone woke up, they played for a bit while I made the babies dinner.  Chris went to get us & Harper Logan’s Roadies tonight.  They are the little mini-burgers on their sourdough rolls…so good!  It always reminds us of when Harper was born.  That was the first meal we had as a family of three right after I delivered her!  We wanted to grill out, but our grill is disgusting!  Chris cleaned it this evening, so hopefully we can use it this weekend!  Grilling = summer is here!  
After we ate, everyone had a bath.  Bottles & bedtime went relatively smooth, so I’m hoping for a good night!  Oh,  I forgot to mention that Crews & Maverick decided they would just wake up at 11pm last night and stay awake until 2 am!  They only thing we could figure out is that it was a full moon!  So, here’s hoping to some sleep tonight.   
After we put them to sleep, Chris and I finished watching Valentine’s Day.  Very cute movie with some really funny parts!  Then I was finishing up the dishes when I realized I hadn’t blogged today!  So, the daily blog, is just that… a blog of what we did today.  Now, back to those dishes & then into my comfy bed!  Yesh!
Hope you had a great Saturday too!

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