The Sweetness of Sleep

The last 2 weeks have been filled with broken sleep, and today it seemed to have added up to be too much. Thankfully, my mom was here and she helped comfort fussy babies (C & W have 2 teeth & M has 0).  As well as a cranky toddler (who is getting all 4- 2yr molars at once!). Yay teeth.

Chris is away at a staff retreat (Love, I hope you get some goooooood and unbroken sleep tonight!!)  

Anyway, I am having some still time before going to bed. I’ve been reading & skimming through J.R. Miller’s book Homemaking, and it has so much wisdom in it. The quote from my previous post is from it. Tonight I read this, and this is what I need after today…

There is an old picture which represents a woman who has fallen asleep at her wheel, in very weariness, as she toils to fulfill her household duties, and the angels have come and are softly finishing her task while she sleeps. Let parents be faithful; let them do their best. The work may seem too great for them, and they may faint under its burdens and seem to fail. But what they cannot do the angels will come and finish while they sleep. Night by night they will come and correct the day’s mistakes, and if need be do all the poor, faulty work over again. 

 Jesus, thank you for rest.  Thank you for your love and comfort and new mercies in the morning.  And thank you for Cafe Verona coffee from Starbucks.  I look forward to tomorrow morning.  For now… may sleep bring the angels to come and finish your work that I left undone today.


3 thoughts on “The Sweetness of Sleep

  1. I love that thought: that the angels come and finish the work we have left undone!

    I saw your Mom last week at the doctor’s office and loved hugging her. Hope she passed your hug along to you too!

    Praying for some restful sleep for you!

  2. Oh dear, teething time!! I feel for ONE mother caring for triplets…I had the night shift last night which means next-to-no-sleep, but FOUR of us switch off so it’s definitely do-able. Blessings!!

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