The Mystery of It All

I am so overwhelmed by what a mystery carrying a baby is as well as when she will arrive. Chris will take my big belly into his hands and get really close and say “There’s a baby in there!” It makes me laugh every time! It is so amazing to actually think that I am carrying another human being, completely formed. I have two hearts inside my body right now – as well as duplicates of other organs, and it is so weird to try to encompass that. I am amazed.

I also am wanting to know when she is going to come out! The Drs give you your estimated due date, but they don’t really KNOW when she is going to arrive. We have the count down going on – 37 days today – but I don’t know if that is really accurate. I get excited when I think it could really be 20 days left, and then I cringe when I think it could be more like 50 days…. YIKES!

This upcoming Monday we begin to start seeing the dr weekly. We also get our last ultrasound to “guess” Harper’s weight. They will measure her head, chest, abdomen, and length of her femur bone to see how big she is; however, this is not accurate and can be off about a pound either way! So, while technology is so advanced today, no one can tell me when my baby will born, if she will be born naturally or by c-section, if I will go into labor on my own or if I will have to be induced. Only my God, the one who created this precious gift of life knows and He is going to keep it a secret until he wants to surprise me and Chris. I will continue to wait on Him and His timing, regardless of how much I want to meet Harper Grace! The good news is I can’t be pregnant forever, so there is an end! I will pack my bags this week – just in case – and I will continue to keep the apartment clean (well, try to) :-)

Thank you Jesus for keeping life a mystery still. Thank you that you and only you know EXACTLY what is going on with our little girl, her exact arrival time, and how big she is! You know my desires for this birth, but I must trust in you for what you know is best for me and my family.

You make all things beautiful in your time… Ecclesiastes 3:11

2 thoughts on “The Mystery of It All

  1. It is so amazing to know that God is using your body to build another persons tiny body! I found this great sense of awe during my pregnancy at how powerful God is and how small (not literally because I was huge)and helpless I am! It was so very evident that even though he was inside my belly nothing I did could make him baby grow better or faster or more perfectly… It is 100% God and He is the one forming her inside of you! It is just Incredible!!!

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