The Last Days of A Triplet Pregnancy

Edited to Add: Before you read this, please know that I feel so completely humbled and privileged to be given the honor of carrying 3 babies at once. This is definitely one of the biggest honors of my life, and I am beyond thankful to experience it. I would never have thought I would be pregnant with triplets!!! So, with that said…

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I’ve had a tough time blogging lately because this pregnancy is getting to the difficult part (but yay, there is an end in sight!!!) As blessed as I have been to carry these babies to the “safety zone,” a triplet pregnancy isn’t easy. (It’s not as hard as I thought it would be, either.) Anyway, I want to remember this part of my pregnancy, even if it does sound a little “complain-y.” You may skip this post if you want :-)

* My belly really is gargantuan and very very itchy. It now measures 52 1/2 inches around (remember a week before Harper was born it was a mere 40 inches around!!) And I’m measuring at 51 weeks pregnant…aaaaahhhh!

*I have stretch marks on stretch marks, and they kind of feel like sunburn w/ itchiness. I go to lightly scratch and then just cause more pain b/c it burns.

*”Night” sickness or should I say nausea has returned, and there is not much room to eat. I do alright during the day, but have no appetite at night. I try to stick to easy to eat things w/ protein (peanut butter, milk, smoothies, etc)

*Sleep comes and goes. Some nights are good and sleep for 2 hours, wake up to have more water, pop a tums, and go to the potty. Other nights I am so hot I feel like I will never cool off… I get cold wash clothes and put them on my face, neck, feet, & hands. I have to sleep propped up, but on my side – somehow I figured out how to do this w/out breaking my back in two.

*My nose gets stuffier by the day! It’s like the gas gauge in a car that points to full or empty. As the days tick by, my nose is the gauge that says, you are FULL, there is no where for anything to go in your body except your nose! This same thing happened w/ Harper’s pregnancy, too.

This is all I have to say right now. I know that all these are just signs pushing me closer and closer to having the boys in my arms vs. in my belly. We are at 11 days and counting now!!! Woo-Hoo!!!

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  1. You are doing a wonderful job Momma. I am sooooooo proud of you. I wish I could give you a GREAT BIG ((((HUG))))! This is the biggest and most important accomplishement and of course the biggest honour of your life, well that is at least how i felt!.

    WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!

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