The Big Announcement has arrived… (1:100)

Well, remember the several hints…
#1. She will be involved.

#2.  Numbers will be included.

#3. Challenges lay ahead

Here are the answers to them…
#1. She will be involved… well, she inspired it & she was going to re-design my blog for me, but lo & behold… I did it by myself!!!  I know a tiny microscopic bit about the computer, but I figured out how to re-do my blog… oh the options are limitless!!!  I just would like to figure out how to have a cool banner!

#2.  Numbers will be included… So, the number is 100.  For 100 days, I am going to blog.  What am I getting myself into!?  I really want to capture this time in our lives b/c it is vanishing so quickly!  I can’t believe my boys are 9 months already.  So, from now until July 28th I will blog every single day.  Don’t get your hopes set too high… some days I might just blog one word… hahah!

#3. Challenges lay ahead… well, the challenge being that I have to do this for 100 days & take care of babies by myself.  I can do it, though, I know I can!!!  

So, until tomorrow…

8 thoughts on “The Big Announcement has arrived… (1:100)

  1. I don’t know you, but I love reading your blog! You inspire me in so many ways…with watching you and how well you are doing with your young kiddos, watching how organized you are and in awe of your ability to keep up with a blog with 4 babies under 3. My hat goes off to you!!
    I could really use some points with undating my blog. haah
    Oh, my name is Kelly, by the way!

  2. We love this picture….. perhaps your banner should read:
    “Future Plumbers of America” ???
    hee hee hee
    looking forward to the next 100 days! Love ya!

  3. ooh you can do it! don’t forget you can write several posts at night after the kiddos go to bed & then schedule them out to post one per day for the next couple of days. if you’re interested, i’d love to make you a banner with those cute baby bums! it’s so fun!

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