The Best Sister in the World!!!!!!

I have the best sister in the world! She drove 6 hours this weekend to surprise our mom (who is living with me, Chris, and Harps) for Mother’s Day and my mom’s birthday! While she was here, she also did some maternity photos for us – while I can still stand up. :-)

Please go to her blog Nancy Ray Photography and check out some of the awesome pics she did!!! Let her know how very very talented she is, and how you wish she was your sister. 😉

She also re-designed my blog. I am so thankful for her talent!!

Thank you Minki! I love you!

Here is a little glimpse of her work and some of my favorite pictures…

(and yes, I was really freaking out!!!)

13 thoughts on “The Best Sister in the World!!!!!!

  1. The pic at the fridge in your header cracked me up I LOVE it! GREAT photos. You are very loved. What a wonderful supportive family. What a blessing.

  2. Harper is so beautiful and I know the boys will be too. You look so pretty!
    Love, Autumn

  3. I love them!!! Nancy did such a great job. The one of Harper laying on your tummy is my favorite:) So cute!!!

  4. I LOVE THIS! That picture up top (and all of them really) is SO CUTE! I love how you can see Harper’s little arm reaching for something in the fridge behind you! Love, love, love it!

  5. The pictures are GREAT! You look wonderful! And Nancy is such a good photographer, I love all of the settings, especially the fridge.. bc I can sympathize! Glad you’re doing well!

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