This is really kind of putting myself out there :-) We have taken many many pictures of the belly, but here it is in real life… well, as close as you’re going to get to real life… haha :-) I am in awe of how God has design the human body to stretch stretch stretch!!! I am proud of my belly and all that it holds, but I must say I am glad to not be stretch armstrong any more after tomorrow!!!! :-) If you don’t want to see the belly in the flesh, don’t watch the video, just stick to the pictures :-

11 thoughts on “THE BELLY

  1. Mary Lindsey — this is Jenny-Lynn’s mom. She shared this with me today. My whole office is praying for you, the babies and daddy! God bless you all!!!!!!

  2. Wow…it is truly amazing how God designed our bodies to change like that and carry babies until they are ready to be born! Your mom is right…you look completely “un-pregnant” in the from behind shot.

  3. That is a beautiful belly! I am in awe of how the Lord has transformed your body to hold and grow those three little (big actually) boys. You look beautiful and don’t even look pregnant from behind! We are praying on our knees tomorrow at 9:30 your time!! God has such a wonderful plan for your children and your story of your journey is priceless! Thanks for being such a wonderful example of Christ and all that He is doing in your families life!! We love all 6 of the Blanton clan!

  4. I found your blog through Lindsay (Wasch) Jernigan and have been following it ever since because our little girls are the same age, and I am also 35 weeks pregnant (with only 1 though! :) ) Anyway…I am praying for you for tomorrow – that everything goes well and that you have 3 very healthy boys!!

  5. You look amazing!!!!! You do not even look pregnant from the back. I will be praying for yo on Thursday.


  6. That was so cute! I am beyond excited for you!! What a blessing to be a mommy! And it’s so amazing how great our God is to have kept you healthy and kept the boys in there the whole time!! Good luck tomorrow, I will be praying!!

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