Thank You Jesus!!!

Just a quick drop by while Harper is napping to say thank you thank you thank you (notice that is written 3 times!) for praying for us today!!! I was a little anxious as we were walking to the office from the parking lot, but once we sat down I had complete peace.

First of all… THERE IS A MEMBRANE!!! Our Jesus is so good that he let that be one of the first things that was found. It was beautiful and looked like a spider web! I’ve never liked spider webs so much :-)

We then saw all three babies movin’ and shakin’! It was so amazing and beautiful because even at only 12 weeks old, we could see all of the bones in their fingers!!! They all looked to have super long legs like their daddy. The identical ones were quite cooperative, but the fraternal one was a little stubborn in getting all the measurements we needed! Ha! We’ll see how their personalities play out in the long run.

OH, we even got a gender prediction for the 3, but we will keep that secret until the genders are confirmed at our next appointment… I know, I know, I’m so mean… hold out 2-4 more weeks and we should know for sure!! Plus, I want to know YOUR predictions!!! Tell me what you think the Trips are :-)

Thank you so much for praying! God is so good. We met our official doctor today, and just loved her so much! She answered all of our questions, and then walked us through what a triplet pregnancy looks like.

Since you all are my prayer warriors… please keep these dates on your calendars and in your prayers for us. These are some of our goals we are working towards…

*Feb. 12 – 2nd Trimester

*March 5 – 16 weeks – I have to start taking it easy. Only little things around the house. The couch and I will become BFF’s… well, maybe not *forever*, but at least for a good portion of this pregnancy 😉

*April 2nd-ish – Week 20 – Big Ultrasound… this is where they will measure how all the babies are doing. It will take a super long time. I’ll update more when we get closer.

*May 28 – Week 28 – Babies can be born at this point, but still need a few more weeks to grow and develop. (I may need cheerleaders at this point b/c I will be huge & uncomfortable)

*June 25- – Week 32 – They will not stop labor at this point. Babies can be born healthy at 32 weeks! Dr. K told me the office would have a party if I made it to this point! (of course she was kidding, but it would be such a blessing if I kept the babies in until June 25!)

*July 9 – Week 34 – This is my goal to make it to. The babies would be very well off!!!

Once again, thank you thank you thank you for your prayers! These babies belong to God, and we know that! We continually have to turn them over to Him, though. He does have a plan for their lives… I pray that I am open enough not to stand in the way of it.

We love yall! Thank you so much!

PS… Don’t forget to leave me your guesses on the babies genders! :-)

22 thoughts on “Thank You Jesus!!!

  1. Hello Sissy!!

    Here are our predictions:

    Dad twins–2 boys, frat is girl

    Leslie twins — 2 boys, frat-girl

    Ryan twins–2 girls, frat – boy

    Reba twins–girl&boy, Frat-boy

    that almost covers all the possibilites :)

    love ya!!! Call us….we are there anytime!!!!

  2. I forgot to mention, that is SO awesome that all is going well with the babies. SUCH a relief and a praise. God knows what is best and he will provide!

    I made my predictions previously.. I just wasnt logged in!

  3. I just love you. SO glad you updated, I check often to see how you’re doing. Gender guess: 3 boys! (or two boys and a girl) :)

    let’s hang soon…and by “hang,” of course I mean I’ll cook you guys dinner and take care of the Harps anytime!

  4. i hope you are having identical boys & a little girl – then your family would be just like ours!!! :) or 3 boys!!! and i think you can make it to 34 weeks and maybe even more! just stay positive & take it easy! so glad there is a membrane, i know huge relief! and warning – at that long sonogram i threw up during it b/c it was so much pressure/weight on me laying flat – so much to look forward to :)
    -ashley gibbs

  5. You are in my prayers. But my gendar guess is 3 girls. July 5, is a very good day to have the triplets. But I like the idea if you did have two boys and a girl so it would be even.

  6. Great News! I’ll be praying for you and your family! I’m so excited for you. Gender guess: 3 girls

  7. my prediction still stands from the moment i found out you are having triplets: 2 boys, 1 girl. booyah! i WILL win another cookout milkshake off libis again. she is predicting 2 girls and a boy :). love you and the little ones! can’t wait to see you in 2 days!

  8. i say two boys and a girl! how fun to have two of each! i DO know for sure that they will all be ADORABLE! they have great genes :) love you! give the babies and Harper a love for me!

  9. Well, I am not sure about the identical babies but I am going to say the “spare” is definitely a boy. Hank was so uncooperative that I had to have an extra ultrasound to get all of his measurements… he was a little turkey then and he is still a turkey! Good luck with that one :)

  10. Praise Jesus! He does answer our prayers!!!! I have been praying for you all day and am so thrilled that they found the membrane and that all 3 are healthy and moving and active! I know how important these “goal dates” are in a multiples pregnancy, so I will most definitely be praying with you as you reach each of these!

    And my prediction for the sexes are: 2 boys and a girl! That is wishful thinging so that your family would have 2 girls and 2 boys! But I know that, like me, you will be thrilled with whatever as long as they are healthy!

    PS. Our doctor predicted at 10 weeks that we had 1 boy and 1 girl- And he was right! It will be neat to see if your doctor’s predictions are true!

  11. Praise the Lord!!! I am so glad the membrane was found! Stan and I have been in prayer for you all! We will keep praying for all of the upcoming goals! We are so excited to watch God work during this pregnancy! Gender guess: 3 girls!!! :-)

  12. Hey!
    This is such great news! I found your blog through blog searching off of Kelly’s! I screamed when I found it though, because we are about the same in our triplet pregnancy! I am 13 weeks today! We are so excited and have identicals and a fraternal as well! We know the sexes of our babies we think! You never know though! Anyways, I’d love to chat with you, my email is

    Again, Congrats on this pregnancy, it is truly amazing isn’t it?

  13. I think the identical ones are girls and the fraternal one is a boy. I am so excited for ya’ll and love the updates! It’s fun to talk to “Grandma JO” at work about it too. She’s SOOOO excited!!!!

  14. This is great news. You have been in my prayers all day…every day. As for sex…I either think it’s two boys and a girl to even things out, or a whole host of girls. I’m not committing to either guess, even if that’s cheating.

  15. ML… so happy and excited for you guys! hmmmm… i’m thinking identical girls and a bubba… boy for the fraternal! can’t wait to find out! you ARE mean :)

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