Th Processing Begins

First of all, let me say thank you for all the well wishes we have received. We are so thankful for the support of family and friends the Lord has placed around us. We treasure your prayers so much.

All is well with eenie, meenie, and miney as far as we know. By the way my body is responding, I’d say things are moving along just peachy for them…not so peachy for me. (But that is okay because I want them healthy!!!) I’ve been quite hungry and nauseous. Had one bad morning of throwing up, but got some medicine to help calm that down. I am so ridiculously tired that by about 4pm, you can find me on the couch trying to keep my eyes open. I go to bed at 10pm and wake up around 9am. We have actually altered Harper’s schedule so that I can sleep longer. She goes to bed around 9pm, and wakes up around 9/9:30am. So far it’s been great for everyone.

I’ve have had an emotional week. Wednesday, after we found out it was triplets, I was truly elated. I couldn’t believe I was carrying 3, and thought it was so exciting and hilarious! Well, on Thursday morning about 4am, the world of triplets came raining down on me. I couldn’t sleep, so I came down stairs and proceeded to freak myself out even more by reading about triplet pregnancies online (bad idea!). That day just turned out to be bad due to lack of sleep and worry, so I was sick all day.

Last night I finally was able to just “let it out” and cry due to feeling so overwhelmed by it all. I feel overwhelmed that I am going to have three babies. I do not feel worthy of this calling by any means. I think it is interesting the way God will give us just a little more (or a little less – ex. when I wanted to be a mama so bad, and it just wasn’t happening for me) than we think we can handle. One baby – I can do that! Twins, I feel I can wrap my mind around. Triplets are just unbelievable, unfathomable, unplannable to me. I have been on my knees seeking Jesus for direction and peace about our future. I feel very out of control and sometimes in denial about what our new life will hold. But, Jesus keeps reminding me… “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” (Matthew 6:33-34) I know we will be fine. We will even be GREAT! I just have to get my “list making” “gotta do” mind in line with that. And let me tell you, that takes some effort to make my mind rest. :-)

Anyway, on a interesting note… here are a few facts that I’ve discovered about triplet pregnancy…

– The average triplet pregnancy lasts 32-35 weeks. Which means I will probably deliver in July. (My due dates is August 20th)

– For the “best” birth weights for the babies, I need to gain about 60 pounds. With the majority of this being gained by week 24. I have 14 weeks to do this.

– I’m supposed to be eating around 4000 calories a day. This is a ton of food!! I’ll break down my daily food plan in a another post.

I will be back after our appointment on Tuesday to update with all the info. Please pray that I will be able to comprehend & understand what the doctors are saying without becoming anxious. (I’m planning on trying to write down… maybe even record everything they say.) I know there are many risks that come with a high multiples pregnancy. I also know that God is Sovereign and knows more about my life and these babies lives than any doctor knows. We trust Him and His plan.

Here is a picture of me at 9 weeks. The belly is beginning to grow. Oh, and don’t mind the flat hair… that was a NO shower day. :-) Just keepin’ it real, y’all.

(I also put up some other posts I’d written from the beginning of this pregnancy. Look for posts on 12/14, 1/8, & 1/12)

10 thoughts on “Th Processing Begins

  1. Mary Lindsey,

    I am so excited to be able to be a part of this journey with you guys even if it is only through your blog! I check it daily and love learning new ways that I can be praying for you, Chris, Harper and these new little ones. Please keep us updated and keep the belly pictures coming.

    My husband and I are praying for you and have our church praying for you guys as well!

    Rebecca ‘Walters’ Calhoun

  2. Mary Lindsey,
    Congratulations on the babies! That is so exciting! I went to school with Johnny-I was one year ahead of him at NRCA and I have been keeping up with your blog for about a yea. I also found on your blog Kelly’s name and have been keeping up with hers and have been praying for Harper.

    Congratulations again, and I know you’ll do fine carrying your three little ones! That is so exciting!

    Kara Hursey Wright

  3. You are going to be just fine. You are incredible people who God trusts so much to give you these babies. Harper will be a wonderful big sister and you will raise these babies according to the Lord’s PERFECT plan. We love you and have LOTS of prego clothes waiting for you… call me.

  4. Hey there! This is Sarah…Chris’s cousin. I dunno if you remember me, but I love following your blog & actually started one of my own to follow my own pregnancy. I was inspired by yours! I wanted to give a HUGE CONGRATS to you & Chris on your wonderful news! Triplets! Wow! I can’t even imagine! What an amazing blessing! Yall are in my prayers & I know you’ll do great! You look great! Here’s the link to my blog:


  5. Mary Lindsey, I am so, so, so, excited for you! I am squealing (while trying not to wake up Everett!) We found out we were pregnant in early December too–our due date is Aug 12th! SO our babies will be the same age, Yay. I will be praying for you daily, girl, what an amazing blessing and responsibility!

  6. Lindsey,
    I am beyond excited for you, so I can’t imagine your Mom’s reaction! Experiencing the joy of multiples has been so much fun for us as grandparents and the great thing is that there are plenty of babies for all the willing arms to hold! We are keeping you, Chris and the 3 precious little ones in our prayers. Though you were caught offguard, God knew all along!! Love, Mr. and Mrs. B

  7. Lindsey,

    Thanks for sharing your feelings, fears, and excitements with us! Everything you are experiencing is completely normal! It is to be expected that you will feel overwhelmed, scared, excited, and blessed all at the same time when you realize that you are having multiples! But God is in control and He holds us all in the palm of His hand!

    And your doctor is right (and the book I recommended will tell you the same thing): Weight gain in the beginning, especially before Week 24, is critical. Up until then, your body stores the nutrients/fat so that in the end of the pregnancy, when the babies have taken up the majority of your interior space, your body will feed them from what you have stored- Pretty cool!

    I can’t wait to hear how your appointment goes on Tuesday…And by the way, I think you look great in your 9 week belly shot:) They are growing!!!

    Love ya!

  8. Once again, congrats! My OB told me the same thing about the weight with carrying multiples. She told me she wanted me to gain 50 pounds and majority of it before week 24. I gained 19 pounds the whole pregnancy! The boys were born at 35 weeks weighing 4lbs12oz – so as long as they are growing inside of you on track!

    btw, to date I have lost 45 pounds since I gave birth – when you breastfeed multiples you can eat whatever you want and lose it all!!!yippeee!!


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