Surgery Day

Today, Warner and Maverick have to have surgery.  Please pray that all will be okay with them and their recovery.  Don’t really know how to describe the surgery & I don’t want to embarrass my boys later on, so I will just leave you with those 2 ideas.  It should be relatively easy & hopefully we will be home from Vanderbilt by 3pm or 4pm.  The surgery is at 8:30am.

Crews & Harper get to hang out with Grandma DeeDee while we are away.  I’m sure they will be having fun doing things like this:

(pic from the last time she visited)

 or this…
Sink baths are such a grandmother thing in our family!  My Mama Dot gave us sink baths all the time (according to my mom b/c I don’t remember – ha!)
 Although, Crews may be wondering where the rest of his little tribe went?!  I’m sure he will be soaking up the attention though! 

So, please pray for these two sweet little guys.  



Thank y’all!  I’ll be back to update! You know it! 


3 thoughts on “Surgery Day

  1. praying for my little nephews. i love the photos you keep posting, because i’m realizing they have grown SO much since i’ve seen them last! they are so different, & so big!

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