Summer Vacation : Lake Gaston

I grew up going to Lake Gaston.  My parents bought this when I was in 8th grade!  I love all the wonderful memories that I have here, and I was so happy to share it with my kiddos.  The last time I was there, Harper was 4 months old.  It was fun to see her enjoy it this time.
When we arrived, we decided to take the boys and Harps out to the Lake so they could stretch their legs.  Mom would hold Crews’ hand, I would hold Maverick’s hand, and Nancy would hold Warner’s hand.  Harper is a bit wary of new situations, so I knew she would stay close by.  Harper was fine and behaved just like I expected, but the boys not so much.  The boys’ didn’t want to hold our hands, but when we let their hands go, they would bolt towards the Lake.  We would grab their hands again & they would flop and flail and scream on the ground.  It was no fun.  We decided to take them over to the beach area of the Lake since it was shallow.  Well, Maverick and Warner ran head first into the Lake and face planted.  I ran into the lake after them and yanked them out by their clothes.  Oh yea, did I mention we all still had our clothes on!?  Nancy grabbed Warner, I grabbed Maverick, Mom grabbed Crews – who was still dry and on the beach (angel child – lol) – and carried each one up to the garage. They were screaming and acting like nuts.  I must say I was quite discouraged at this point!!
We figured out the next day that we would put up some baby pools up closer to the house.  The kiddos couldn’t leave the house without a Puddlejumper on and an adult close by!  And, to my great pleasure –  it worked! Harper went into the Lake a few times with me, but overall the baby pools are where all the kids hung out the entire time.

lots of piano was played banged on when we were inside!

Sweetest Feet!
After being there 2 days, I had 2 of my best friends come to visit.  We have known each other since elementary school and grew up dancing together.  I don’t have a picture of this, but our guest book at Lake Gaston showed that the 3 of us (plus Tara’s sister, Leah – who couldn’t make it) were there 13 years and 1 day ago!  It was so crazy!  We would never think there would be 10 – almost 11 kids between the 4 of us one day.   Tara has 4 kids – Nathan & Natalie (4) and Samuel & Samantha (1) – yes 2 sets of twins!  Crystal has adorable Mr. Owen (8 months), and Leah has Emery (4 months) – we MISSED you, so.

Crystal, Me, & Tara
Y’all, I figured out how to make a collage, and I kind of went crazy with it!  
I feel like a computer genius!!!
 (click picture to view in larger size – hopefully this will work – ha)

Tara has an awesome post of all of our fun we had together HERE. Ya know, if you want more details!  We had fun playing in the lake, the baby pools, eating pizza, talking and laughing.  All the little ones took amazing naps, and all my babes slept amazing that night!  It was such a fun way to begin our vacation! 
The rest of our visit we had fun hanging out with our big and crazy wonderful family.  I can’t wait until we are able to return with little ones a bit older and independent!

Aunt Susan gets her own pic :-)  It was too confusing to add to the collages. 

My identical twin uncles with my identical triplets!  Crazy! 

Also, if you want to see some more incredible pics from our lake time & a preview of our beach time go see Nancy’s photos .

Up Next: 19 Week Update & then Myrtle Beach!

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  1. What a fun recap of a great time at Lake Gaston!!! I sure did love our time together~ So thankful for your friendship over all these years!!!! Love you!!!!

    PS. Great job on the collages:) Aren’t they fun?!?

  2. SO FUN… love all your pictures from the lake! Love your sweet family for sure. Wish so much I could have made it!!

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