Some Home Decor (6:100)

Y’all, I almost forgot to blog today!  Oh No!  😉   I haven’t even made it to 10 days yet & I’m already having trouble… LOL.. I will press on!

Question… Is there a quick way to upload photos?  I feel like I can’t work on more than one post in a sitting b/c it takes so daggone long for one photo to upload!  Was wondering if there were any tips?? I use the little photo picture button & follow the directions. 

Here are a few little glimpses of our home… starting with the foyer…

  I saw this done on Stephanie’s blog a while ago, and I thought… hey! I could do that!  It was very easy to do.  I took photos of each of us.  Enlarged the pic to size of frame.  My first go round, Warner’s head was bigger than Chris’, so that didn’t work.  Had to re-do.  I found black paper at Target, a cool exacto knife, sharp scissors & a cool set of stamps.  And VOILA!  My plan is to update these every New Year’s Day. 

Cross & Saying – 
This is over our door, so a blessing is a banner over you when you enter and exit.
I love to make a house a home!  I think it is such a privilege to do this for my family.  
Going to spend time with the hubs now~

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  1. You can change the size of your pictures by using picasa (a free google picture organizer). It automoatically uploads all of your pics you already have on your computer and those you add to it. Once you are in picasa, you can “export” pictures which changes the MB size (I think that’s the correct terminology). Then when you upload these minimized pictures to blogger it is like 1,000 times faster. I had the same problem with uploading pictures. I was also hesitant to use picasa, but once I got used to it I really like the editing and organization features. Hope this helps.

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