Soggy Saturday

I seriously think we might float away.  We should be at a wedding right now, but instead, we are still hanging out in our pjs and it is 5pm.  I woke up to thunder and hard rain this morning.  I smiled before I opened my eyes because I love rain so much (well for 2-3 days, then I’m done and need sunshine).  I was so cozy in our bed AND I didn’t hear anyone crying.  I looked at the clock expecting to see 6:30 or 7, and it was 8 AM!!!!  My sweet hubby had gotten up, had everyone fed and changed, and was about to make waffles when I got out of bed.  I have dreamily floated through out the rest of the day and have given him lots and lots of kisses to make up for the sleep he gifted me with!

We had a tornado warning this afternoon… do you know what we were doing?  I was giving everyone a bath!  A bath in terrible lighting and thunder…upstairs…away from our “safe place.” Then, the power went out for 5 seconds, and I freaked b/c I had 2 babies in the tub.   “Chris, heeeeeeellllllpppppp!”  (lights back on)  By this point all 4 kiddos were screaming their heads off, but naptime was around the corner!   (I will say, I did not know there was a tornado warning until after bathtime)

(The water got soooo bad that we watched a trailer classroom float down I-24 into an 18 wheeler & self destruct.  The flooding is ridiculous, but we are okay.)

We got everyone in bed and came down the stairs to find that our front door was leaking really really bad in 2 places, so Chris got busy rigging up this.  You should see his madd tapping job… he’s got skillz…

Hope the fix it guys come Monday morning!  Hoping even more that we don’t have to have our whole wall torn down and redone!!

Anyhoo…we had to miss Jackie & Joey’s wedding today.  Congrats guys.  I’m sorry that it rained cats & dogs an entire zoo on your wedding day… but doesn’t that mean lots of blessings??  

We ate quesadillas for dinner tonight, and Arica is hanging out with us b/c she was supposed to babysit for our crew.  We are going to go watch a movie, then I will change into my nighttime set of pjs, and go to bed. 

Tomorrow is a day for worshipping!!!

Mary Lindsey

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  1. I cant believe the weather today in good ole’ Nashville! I just wrote a weahter post too!! Love your blog by the way and your babies are PRECIOUS!

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