So much to update

Well, I know the blog is seriously lacking. We are back from all of our travels and are adjusting well to a nice and neat schedule – which I love after several weeks of no schedule. Since Harper is still on some sort of a napping strike – only sleeps 30 minutes at a time – I have limited time to post. However, here are some of the topics that will be covered in the next week or so…

– Travel to Raleigh
– Nancy’s wedding
– Fun Times at Lake Gaston

Stay tuned…

2 thoughts on “So much to update

  1. Sounds like you all have had a busy month! Thank you so much for always encouraging me. I am so excited to tell little Parker Grace or Carter how you had prayed for them before they were formed! You just don’t how much your words of encouragment and confirmation that I am not the only one going through all of this (the panic and anxiousness and all of the other crazy stuff that comes with having a baby) has ment to me! Love you guys!!!

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