Today was lovely.

I woke up & had my morning prayer time with Jesus while drinking coffee.

Had eggs & ‘pakes’ with Harpie.

Fed the boys with sweet Arica (she comes every Sunday AM as her ministry to our family. She is one of the most precious people that I know. A true heart friend & sister in Christ)We had sweet worship time during this feeding. The boys were so happy & Harper was dancing all over.

Had Sunday School with Harps. (Arica prepares a little Sunday School lesson for Harper each Sunday. I want Harper to know that Sundays are different than other days, and because we can’t go to church right now, I still want her to know Her Maker & Creator… and that we take Sundays to worship and rest in Him.) Harps made a ‘burning bush’ today with red coconut & glue. We studied Moses, except she wanted to talk about Noah. I guess her mind-processing is delayed a week…ha!

Took a nap (while Harper & Arica played and the boys slept)

Painted my nails red.

Drank Dr. Pepper.

Went to Trader Joes… alone. My cashier gave me a *free* bouquet of sunflowers because I am a mama to triplets. :-)

What a glorious day to enjoy my Jesus! I love him so much.

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  1. Just wanted you to know what a great inspiration you are to me! I still thank the Lord for our time together back in highschool and our year at Meredith. I hope that God continues to shower your family with blessings!

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