So, I am going to type out all my random thoughts… without correcting. I am at a blogging standstill. I think to get the ball I am going to try to blog everyday for a month, okay, maybe a week. Small goals here.

* I am home by myself (well, Harper is here) and I am watching football. Weird. Chris is at the Titans game so that i *why* I’m watching, i guess.

* I want to get rid of TV

* My list for Christmas seems longer than it ever was when I was little. Why?!?!

* Today was 48 degrees and I froze and I never left the house.

* I really need to go to the grocery store.

* I think that Jon & Kate (plus 8) should meet up with the Duggar family. They could learn a lot from each other. But I think it is weird when reality shows cross paths… so maybe that idea is bad.

* Harper is crying out for the second time. Let’s see if she will settle herself back down.

* I already know what I’m going to do for Harper’s 1st b-day party.

(PAUSE) Must go rock the crier. She is probably standing up.

Okay, I’m back. She was standing up, screaming at the top of her lungs, yet asleep. How does she do this? Anyway…

* As I was sitting in her dark room, I began to think about organizing her closet. Mom is coming this weekend, and I am SO EXCITED about doing this! What a treat. If I remember, I will take before and after pictures.

* I have so many pictures to upload on the computer.

* I need to get an external hard drive. I have a fear that I am going to lose all of my pictures; therefore, I am scared to upload them on my computer. But that is a stupid fear because I could more easily lose my camera.

* I have one more load of laundry to fold and then my goal will be met for the day!

Okay, those are my random thoughts for the day…

Pictures to follow…

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