Q & A Time!!! {25}

Well, folks, I’m a quarter of the way there!  I love hearing the name suggestions for the stroller!  As we were walking today, I tried out different names on her.  I think the name “Maxine” is a winner.  She is definitely a girl.  But Brutus is puh-retty good too.

Onto the post…. so, now that I am actually blogging for 75 more days, I thought I would do a Q & A post or two (depending on how many questions I get!)  Ask away – anything is game!  I will be asking to hear from you soon, so keep on the journey of 100 days :-) yay!

Here is how to leave your question: (MOM… you can do this!!! But I don’t think you have a question you want to ask me… lol)

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14 thoughts on “Q & A Time!!! {25}

  1. Are you sure, and I mean really sure, that Maverick is Maverick, Warner is Warner and Crews is Crews? Is there even the slightest possibility that they were mixed up at the very beginning?

    Oh, and what about Big Bertha for the stroller?

  2. Where did you get the things you use to prop up the boys’ bottles when they are in their boppies? Do you have any other (LOVE the homemade wipes – haven’t bought one box of wipes! Thank you for sharing!!) ideas that are geared for parents of multiples? Thank you for sharing your take on making baby food – I’m planning to do that too and so it’s nice to see how others do it.

  3. What is the most difficult part of raising four little ones?

    If you could have anything in the world to help you (in terms of raising triplets and a little girl) what would you wish for?

  4. Oh, this is fun! I did a Q & A a while back on my blog and loved the questions!

    So my questions are:
    1. Name one place you would like to travel to.
    2. What is your favorite thing about your hubby?
    3. What is one funny memory you have from your childhood?

  5. i’ll piggy back on nancy’s question…how many days a week do you actually get dressed in real clothes?

    and btw, my dad’s first car was a vw bug named maxine :-).

  6. Tell us how the Lord has equipped you for this high calling and how has He become your source of strength these last 9 months? Can’t wait to hear how He has come for you through this! Miss you and would love to see you and your kiddos soon!

    Suzanne Bechman

  7. Hi ML! I can’t wait to see you and your precious kiddos this summer!!! So here is a question I ask myself a lot, how do you find a healthy balance between interacting and encouraging independent play? And how do you nourish your creative heart and include your children? Love you!!!

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