Oh What A Night…

Well, after the doctor’s appointment yesterday, I started contracting A LOT around 9 pm. I will usually have a couple of contractions a day – 1-3 in the morning, maybe 2 in the afternoon, and 1-3 in the evening. These aren’t “labor” contractions that hurt, just Braxton Hicks contractions that tighten my belly so it is super hard for about 45 seconds. Around 9, I was having them every 5 minutes for about 1 1/2 hours. It was pretty scary. I was so incredibly tired after having a mini meltdown (complete with mom and Chris wiping away my tears) we decided to climb into bed to see if I could sleep them off. It worked, although I had about 5 through out the night.

I woke up at 6:15, and proceeded to start the contractions again. I had about 15-20 mini ones until 9:15 when I called the doctor. (If it was any worse, I would have called earlier!!! I’m not trying to be stoic at this point!) The nurse practioner ordered me to lay on my left side and drink as much water as possible while I timed and counted contractions for an hour. I had 5 within the hour. So, my Dr wanted me to come in at 1 to be monitored, checked, and then get my 2nd dose of the steroid shot.

From last night until this morning I really had to get my mind and emotions in check. It made me realize how CLOSE we are to the finish line!!! 5 weeks from tomorrow before we make it to 32 weeks!!! While hugging my bed and comfy pillows, I prepared my mind and heart to be admitted to the hospital for this last month if I needed to be. I know this is the final stretch of this marathon pregnancy (and it is the hardest part).

However, after a few exams, it turned out being GREAT news! My cervix hadn’t changed at all since yesterday!!! They think the contractions could have been caused by being examined yesterday, and just having a much busier day than I was used to. (We were at the doctor’s for 2 hours – I’m never out that long – haha!) So, after been stuck in the booty again(other side this time) with the “juice” (as Chris calls it), and given a prescription (Indocin) to help with the contractions, we were out the door. My mom dropped me off to brave the doctor by myself, and Chris met me (food in hand!) as I was finishing up. So, Praise the Lord that I am home tonight, snuggled in my bed with my comfy pillows!!!!

Just finished watching American Idol with mom and Harps – it was a GREAT show! Very entertaining, and I was very happy with the winner! (I won’t spoil it for anyone who TiVo-ed it) Now I am waiting for Chris to get home from church, and think I will finish watching Slumdog Millionaire until he does.

Praise Jesus with me tonight that we are all doing GREAT!

6 thoughts on “Oh What A Night…

  1. SO GLAD you’re okay! If it’s any consolation, my second pregnancy was like that. Not as scary because there was just one baby, but I was in and out for NST’s and ultrasounds and stuff because I had a few times where I was having regular, painful contractions for extended time. It never changed my cervix, so I guess it was just how my body did things the second time around. I know it’s hardly comparable, but still…could just be your body’s way of telling you to SLOW DOWN!!! You are in my prayers every day!

  2. you will make it past 32 weeks Set it in your mind to make it past and you will! God will carry you through I know he will

    I was bummed with Idol outcome but them again I need to take my reality TV a little less serious Either way both guys will have very bright futures. Both very different styles.

    I am praying for you everyday and enjoy reading your blog. It is one of the highlights of my day :)

    Keep up the FANTASTIC job Momma!

  3. So happy all is still well with you and the boys, and that you can sleep in your own bed at home. You are doing so awesome! I too was pleased with American Idol and the the winner!!! He did an awesome job with Keith Urban ~ keep resting and know we are praying for you!

  4. Oh, ML, I know that had to be so scary! When I was 28 weeks along and they noticed that I was having contractions, I was scared to death and cried many times too! I just kept reciting “Be still and know that I am God,” praying that my womb would just “be still” and that my mind and thoughts would be too. I’m so glad that they have allowed you to go home- Keep resting, drinking lots of water, and know that God will help you through these last few weeks! You can do it!

  5. Glad you’re at home and that things are still good. I pray that the Lord will carry you through the rest of the pregnancy to 32 weeks and beyond.

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