Oh The Emotions!!! or is it God’s grace?

They warn you about this stuff, but I thought this was one of the few symptoms of pregnancy I had avoided… but NO WAY! I have to record this so I can go back and get a laugh or a cry out of it later. So, here is what happened last night. First of all, yesterday was just a gloomy sort of day with yucky weather. I stayed in all day cleaning and doing stuff around the house, so needless to say I was looking forward to Chris coming home. He called and our conversation went something like this…

C: What do you want to do for dinner?

To which I replied either go to the grocery store or eat Mexican.

(side note, Mexican has been my LEAST favorite food all through pregnancy. We’ve only eaten it once or twice)


ML: Yeah, I’ve kind of been thinking about it today.

C: Okay, well I’ll be home soon and we’ll decide where we should go.

So, he gets home and I ask if he is hungry to which he says, no not really. So we decided to wait a little bit. At this point I am making a grocery list. However, in my mind I was thinking we were going to go eat Mexican b/c he sounded really excited about it.

I am getting ready and notice Chris has gotten the ice cream carton out of the freezer and is eating it. I didn’t really say anything as I thought he must be pretty hungry and just wants a bite before we go out.

ML: You ready to go eat?

C: Oh, I thought we were going to the grocery store

(poor communication)

ML: I thought you wanted to go eat Mexican.

C: I just ate ice cream b/c I thought we were going to the grocery store, and wanted to curb my appetite.

ML: Well, we can go to the grocery store if you want to.

C: No, we’ll go eat mexican.

(this goes on for a few minutes)

We finally decide since it is getting late, we would just go eat Mexican. We get there and are seated. They bring us out the chips and salsa, and I notice Chris isn’t touching them.

I said, ‘Your not hungry are you?’

He says, ‘Yea, I am.’

*AND THEN IT HITS ME* “You ate Mexican today for lunch, didn’t you?!!?’

To which he sheepishly smiles and says ‘yes’

And here is where pregnancy hormones kick in…

I start bawling my eyes out right there. There is no stopping it. People are looking at me from other tables. The waiter has no idea what to do when he brings the food out. I just can’t stop it, and Chris keeps asking me why I’m crying as he kind of chuckles.

I’m crying because I have such a sweet husband who loves me so much he would eat Mexican twice in a day with out batting an eye or saying he already had that. He is such a selfless man that loves me and this little Harper Grace so much. He is such a servant to me, and truly displays Christ like love daily. He will get up off the couch to get me a cup of water or something to eat. He goes for walks with me in the freezing cold weather at 11pm b/c I’m restless or have bad heartburn. He’s learned how to cook a few meals (with my guidance :-) ) so that when we have a new little one he can help out in the kitchen. And, he puts up with my 5 billion pillows that just about smother him out of the bed so I can be comfortable.

He truly is a man of God that I am so blessed to be married to. God has gifted me beyond what I ever could have prayed for in a husband. He is going to be such a wonderful daddy. I just hope and pray that I can show him the same kind of love that he has shown me… selfless and unconditional.

So, that is what hit me as I was sitting in the Mexican restaurant last night, and the flood gates opened! Maybe it was a little bit of pregnancy hormones maybe a lot of God’s grace and love shown to me through my husband that got me going. Whatever it was, I was overwhelmed to the point of lots of tears and challenged to be a better wife.

Thank you Jesus for your love and blessings.

Christopher Michael Blanton, I am one blessed woman to be your wife! I love you with all my heart and want to be a better wife to you. You are an amazing man. You’ve kept true to your promise that you made to me on the day you proposed. Thank you for being a man of integrity and love. I love you!

7 thoughts on “Oh The Emotions!!! or is it God’s grace?

  1. ML, that was so funny b/c I know how Chris felt. We are so excited for you two and miss you guys down here on Port West. Take care and keep us in the loop with Harper.
    BL, Kim & Q-Tip

  2. post another picture of your gigantic belly! i want to see it again!

    9 days till i see you! then you’ll only have 21 days left!!!

  3. I do love this story too so much..and I love this website. It is about time I read it ..it did read it at the beginning.Now I am reading it again. You know me and computers . My favorite is the little picture saying 32 days !Oh my goodness I am so excited !
    Love Mom

  4. what an example of a wonderful hubby! i am so proud of bil.

    sissy that story is so precious… you have to print it out and give it to harper so she can keep it forever and know what amazing parents she has. i love you!!! i can’t wait to call you crying my eyes out one day because i’m preggie! (that day won’t come for a while… but at least i know that you will have walked/cried this road before me!) i LOVE you!! you will be the best mommy ever!

  5. hi! it’s sara (oakley)… remember me from dance? i found your blog from leah’s and this entry made me laugh so hard! so happy for you that harper is almost here… congrats!

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