Oh my… two posts in two days!

Well, I had to come post this, because like every sleep deprived parent out there, I hope that last night never happens again (fingers crossed), and that I just forget about it. I really hope it doesn’t become the ‘norm’!

So, yesterday was a great day… Harper fed like a champ – right on time – she did perfect with her naps, and last night we woke her up from her nap about 45 minutes before she was supposed to feed again, so she would be extra tired and mom and dad would be able to get a good night sleep. Well, the plan backfired! I fed her at 10:30 and put her down at 11. She was so sleepy that she went right to sleep, and so did I. I woke up to her cry from a dead sleep, turned to pick her up (thinking it was time for her to be fed) and looked at the clock… WHAT?!?! It was only 12:30!!!! She usually sleeps until 2:30. She was screaming her head off.

So, I un-swaddled her, changed her diaper, tried feeding her… she would settle down for a bit, but the be completely wide-eyed! Chris was wonderful last night. I felt like I hit a wall physically, so he tried to let me sleep some. ( He is a wonderful man, as he had to go to work today, and he stayed up with Harper trying to let me sleep!) Well, it was on and off of sleep… nothing fabulous (I think those days are gone for awhile), but enough to help me coherently function. We tried to console her when she would start screaming, but she just kept on. I gave her some Gripe Water (helps with little tummies), but it didn’t really seem like her tummy was hurting. More like she was annoyed at something. As I laid in the bed, I tried to think if it was something I had done or had eaten. That’s when it hit me… coffee!!! I’ve been slightly increasing my intake of caffeine, and hadn’t seen any effects of the stuff until tonight. I got online and looked up how it can affect your baby, and it said,

“According to the Breastfeeding Answer Book (LLLI 2003, p. 599-600), excessive caffeine consumption by the mother (more than 750 mL per day) can result in a baby who shows signs of caffeine stimulation. “A baby who is being overstimulated by caffeine is a wide-eyed, active, alert baby who doesn’t sleep for long. He may also be unusually fussy.”

check. check. check… that describes her to a T! While I don’t consumed 750 mL of the stuff, I know I’ve increased what she is used to. Therefore, causing her to be ‘awake baby’ from 12:30 – 4:15!!!

Finally around 3:45, I fed her, and she still wasn’t very interested in eating. However, once I put her in her bassinet, she zonked out immediately. Chris and I quietly tiptoed our way into bed, trying not to breath so we wouldn’t wake her up, and needless to say, we zonked out too! 8:30 came way too early this morning, but at least we got about 4 hours of sleep.

Crystal, my best friend growing up, is coming to visit us today and is staying through Sunday. I am going to have to email her and tell her to take a nap on the plane… she doesn’t know what she is in for tonight!!! Hopefully, it is caffeine that was the cause of this – at least I can control that! If not, I pray (please pray, too) that this is not colic. Everything I’ve read about that says it starts once the infant is a couple weeks old and can last up to 4 months. Oh my, I can’ do this for 4 months… at least that is what I think. I know I will do whatever I can for this little girl. She is our pride and joy!!

Well, I’m off to go take another nap. Talk to you soon… hopefully.

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  1. Hope your nights have been going well… we went through the colic thing with my first. About 3 hours of crying a night for 12 weeks on the dot… not fun! But sounds like Harper just needs a little less of a pick me up, which I know is tough when you are sleepy!

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