Night Night {15}

A hot cup of coffe in the morning & putting babies to bed are book ends to my day… my very favorite times.  Come upstairs with me to see a glimpse of our evening…

A little Harper is waiting…

Hi Mama!  Brudders are cryin’

…but Daddy is in here playin’ wit dem.
After bathtime, which happens on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays right now, everyone gets cozy in the jammies.

Mama!!!  Where’s our bottles?!?!

We usually put on Praise Baby Sleepytime Lullaby or Josh Radin.  We turn the lights low & give bottles. 
(Here is a pic from a morning feeding time…didn’t take pics this evening of night night bottles.  I was very hesitant of the bottle props & boppys for feedings when we first started, but it is the only way to feed 3 at a time.  And, it can still be sweet and intimate.  As I get on the floor & look each baby boy in the eyes & talk to or sing to them.  Okay, back to eveing routine…)
Harper usually reads books.  Then, we have quiet play time, singing, and snuggles with family before the “quiet old lady (me) starts whispering hush.”
Goodnight Room.
Goodnight Moon.

Goodnight Stars. Goodnight Air.

Goodnight noises everywhere.
Sweet Dreams~

3 thoughts on “Night Night {15}

  1. So sweet…putting my baby to bed is also one of my favorite times of the day. I enjoy her so much, but it is also nice to sit down, take a deep breath, have a cup of tea and reflect on our precious time together.

  2. What a sweet bedtime routine! We do baths on those same nights:) And Goodnight Moon is a favorite in our household too!!!

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