Names & Prayers

It’s Aunt Nancy again! Everyone is happy and well. There are a few prayer requests I will share in a moment, but for the most part everything has been wonderful. ML and Chris truly want me to thank all of you for your prayers, encouragement and support. They are so amazed at how faithful the Lord is, and how He truly hears the prayers of His children!

Everything in the surgery went great. ML didn’t throw up (yay!) and the boys delivered beautifully. Dr. Kang gave them an A+ C-Section! ML can elaborate more when she is up to blogging… I only hear bits and pieces but I know it went smoothly.

I am also happy to report that all the boys now have names!

Baby A = Warner William
Baby B = Crews Christopher
Baby C = Maverick Miller

They all made it to their hospital room last night. Warner was the first to visit with them, and Maverick joined next. Crews was the last to complete the trio and they were all able to finally be together. What a miracle!

A few prayer requests –

Please pray for ML as she has a fever this morning. She has been put on antibiotics and will hopefully kick that fever to the curb soon. Continue to pray for her overall health and recovery.

Also pray for little Crews. A heart murmer has been detected, and they are keeping an eye on him.

Pray for Sissy & Chris to be able to rest a LOT these next few days. Sissy is exhausted and Chris has been such a servant to her. Pray that they can gain the strength they need before returning home.

Pray for Harper as she gets to meet her brothers today!

I’ll close with a sweet picture, taken last night when they were all together in the room. (I’m not sure which is which, your guess is as good as mine!)

7 thoughts on “Names & Prayers

  1. Awww– yeah. murmers are not always serious but will definitely keep them in my prayers and I hope ML gets better and DOES NOT develop an infection! They boys are PRECIOUS and I will continue praying for the family. Thanks for the updates…


  2. Also, forgot to add: heart murmers are very common. Two of mine had them, but they do go away most of the time.

  3. Keep us posted on facebook, twiter or the blog. I hope that they do not have company and everyone can sleep or doze when the urge strikes them. Sometimes you just have to put a do not disturb sign on the door. People understand.

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